Essay on Nursing Care of Older Person

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IntroductionPerson centered assessment in refers to examining nursing care of the aged persons based ontheir individual needs and not general theoretical assumptions found in books or any other sourceof secondary data. I plan to demonstrate this approach by basing my essay on the outcome of theinterview I carried out as summarized in appendix 1 of this paper. This approach is important tothe aged care because it offers individualized attention that is likely to bear desired results for theaged persons.From the perspective of my interviewee a number of positive key aspects or issues can bededuced from the discussion. The fact the old man receives assistance from his family and care-takers points to individualized attention the interviewee gets. This aspect of taking familymembers being close to the aged person is important because it can not be replaced with anyother form of friendship or assistance. It gives the aged the feeling of being loved and helps withthe mental strength and general wellbeing. Another positive aspect that can be pointed out is factthat the old man has his goals sets and he is determined to achieve them. This indicated that it isimportant to listen to the aged persons and find out what his or her goals are and what can bedone to make them achieve these goals. My respondent pointed out that he may assistance so thathe may achieve that kind of independence level that he desires like being able to move aroundhis compound a carry out simple task such as picking liters such as tree leafs falling down withinhis compound.There are some negative key issues that can be pointed out from the discussion. The issue ofcorrect form of nutrition that my interviewee needed in order to achieve his goals as captured inthe appendix 1 of this essay. This issue shows that it is important that the aged get food rationsthat they need based on the advice from the nutritionist. The rations and the kind of dietcontained in the served food should vary from person to person depending on the state o healthand the desired goals of these individuals. Another negative issue is need for the family membersand the care-takers to find a way of understanding what the older person are saying because theaged may not be able to provide detailed information on what they need all the time. Thus in theperspective of my interviewee effective communication is very important to the aged care.According to the document authored by Purdue University effective communication with theelderly person is important because it makes the work of providing the assistance and care to the
elderly easier. Without proper communication the family members or paid care-takers are likelyto misunderstand the needs of the elderly leading to increased stress level on the pert of theelderly person. The article further postulates that for effective communication to be achievedbetween the elderly persons and those who take care of them a comfortable environment must becreated to enable them speak freely. They should also feel welcomed whether at home or inhospital where they go to seek medical assistance.(Purdue University, 2017)Effective communication has an essential role in maintaining the independence, sense of self,and physical and mental wellbeing of the aged persons. The has to be effective communicationIn order for the aged to be able to express themselves on their needs and not depend on directionsprovided by other people who may not be aware of the real issues that concern them.(NationalAgeing Research Institute, 2012)Effective communication with elder person is a skill that needs practice. It takes a lot of patienceand may sometimes need an interpreter who may have prior experience communicating with thesame aged person such as a family member. The person taking care of the aged person shouldgive them time to explain themselves because any form impatience may shut them down.(Ausmed, 2017)Family is an integral part of the aged care. Family members have unique relationship with theaged that is likely to help them feel more relaxed and at peace. This ensures that the aged doesnot feel stressed a factor that is likely to affect the mental and physical wellbeing of the elderly(Heritage Care, 2018).Family plays an integral role in providing the most appropriate aged care approach for theelderly person. The family is best placed to provide relevant information to the care givers ormedical practitioners about their loved one so that the best medication or care can berecommended and provided(Gurung and Ghimire, 2014)In an aged care home set up it is important that family members are provided with roles to playin taking care of the aged. The roles such as involving family members in providing the physicalcare to the elderly helps in ensuring that the aged does not feel neglected by the family member.(Comfort Keepers, 2010)
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