Essay on Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Business EthicsandSocial Responsibility
Essay on Business Ethics and Social ResponsibilityThe concept of business ethics is a set of applied ethics that focuses on examining theethical principles as well as moral problems that arise in the business environment. It is furtherapplied to all business aspects (Winsemius and Guntram, 2001).However, adopting the ethicalprinciples in the business is not an easy task as it may pose further challenges and may not leadto providing of easy solutions. In this regard the present report has focused on the view pointgiven by Harvard Schulz on business ethics. Hence, the statement will be analysed by makinguse of theories related to business ethics as well as drawn out contemporary business examplesfor the same. The present essay also describes the concept of corporate social responsibility,balance among social responsibility and commerce and authentic business operations. In last, italso explores the decisions making process by considering the business ethics concept.Singular view of profitability by companiesProfitability is regarded as a very shallow goal if it does not have a real purpose in mind.In this regard, the purpose should be top share the profit with others. In this regard, the need onpart of corporation is to maximize profit for the benefit of shareholders. They in turn can furtheruse the profits to do well for the world if they chose the same (Crane and Matten, 2010).It isalso considered as a specific branch of concept of ethics which mainly focus on how and whenmoral standards can be applied to the business organisations and its behaviour.Need to maintain balance between commerce and social responsibilityIn this regard, corporate social responsibility or CSR can be regarded as an ethicalframework which is based on the notion that an entity be it.The term social responsibility is atype of ethical framework and duty which describes that each and every individual and businessentity has to perform with the motive of balancing the ecosystem and economy. In his, every oneis responsible to act in certain ways in respect to benefit of society (Agle, 2008). It is related tothe welfare for the both environment and society as well. In respect to organisation, they canexercise the ethical decisions making process in order to secure their business operations. In this,regard by making the ethical decisions which allows the agencies of government to lower theirinvolvement with the business enterprises (Blowfield and Murry, 2011).Managing the ethics at the workplaceIn order to manage the ethics at the workplace of organisation, it is necessarily requiredto establish the programs related to ethics management. In this regard,Agle, 2008stated that1
programs related to ethics management in organisation basically conveys the corporate relatedvalues. For this purpose, codes and polices of organisation can be used so that proper guidancecan be given in respect to ethical behaviour, training and decisions making process (Agle, 2008).In addition to this,Christensen, 2007also described in their research paper that corporateprograms related to business ethics are basically made up of policies, activities and values whichgives impact on the behaviour of organisation. In addition to in order to resolve the issues,business ethics term is also portrayed for this matter that it will help in resolving the matter byselecting he right and clear choice option (Christensen, 2007).Importance of authentic business operations (200)For every business organisation, it is very important to operate the business operationsand practices in effective manner by considering the two factors business ethics and socialresponsibility. In every business organisation, operations are required to be authentic whetherthey are related to product production, offering services to customers and society etc. (Henriquesand Richardson, 2004). In this context, to make the meet the corporate social responsibility,organisation requires to consider the requirements and expectations of customers at the time ofproduction of products and services(Hoffman, Frederick and Schwartz, 2014). In this context,companies are requires to make the ethical changes at workplace in respect to well fare ofcustomers, employees and firm. As perCrane, 2010, describes that business operations of firmare authentic and they have the value which contributes in attaining targets and strategicobjectives. The term authenticity place the higher value to the operations and practices ofbusiness (Crane, 2010). In organisation, reliability and authenticity basically refers to the firm'sability which contributes in improving the performance and positive outcomes (Fassin, 2011).Corporate social responsibilityOn this concept,Chapple and Moon, 2005describes that CSR activities are good andbeneficial for the organisation in order to create a positive image in front of stakeholders andother public. The author also describes that in order to increase the profit of the company, healthby and good relation between organisation and CSR programs are required at essential manner(Chapple and Moon, 2005). According toOrin, 2008explores in their research article that tomeasure the positive relationship between company and CSR activities with the help ofindicators such as marketing impact, shareholders return and size of stakeholders (Orin, 2008). Incontrast,Schwartz, 2007defines in research paper that relationship between profit and activities2
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