Essay on Communicational Process between Men and Women

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SummaryThe study presents the comparison between two essays, “What do you mean” written byDeborah Tannen and “The World of Doublespeak” by William Lutz. The study compares andcontrasts the communicational discrepancy and the misunderstanding created during theconversations. The comparisons are especially focusing on the communication process ofmen and women. The study even describes some of the specific terms related to thecommunicational forms. Such of these terms aredouble-speaking namely,euphemism,jargon,bureaucrateseandfull words.The distinctive communicational form is elaborated inthis essay. The essays portray the different forms of communicational process that aredistinguished between the men and women.
Yujing LiuProfessor Melissa PooleEnglish 11108February 2018The articles that will be compared in the present essay are “What do You Mean” byDeborah Tannen and “The World of Doublespeak” by William Lutz. Both these essaysdiscuss communication and how it can mislead or create misunderstanding.In this essay, thecomparison and similarities between two articles would be presented. The study wouldhighlight the communicational differences between men and women and their traits whilecommunicating with others. Furthermore, the study tends to develop the idea about thediverse terminologies used for expressing thoughts.The article by Tannen talks about the categories in which discrepancies incommunication take place due to gender differences in workplace situations. According to thearticle, it has been observed that women care about feelings while conversing. However, menare more concerned about exuding leadership. Women tend to apologize for more to maintaina sense of equality between the speakers; men, on the other hand, do not be sorry as often.Men are more forthcoming and straightforward in expressing criticism whereas; women try tosoften criticisms before delivering them because they are sensitive towards feelings of others.Compliments to women are a way of expression for good work whereas most men believethat not giving feedback is a sign of trust. Another dimension in which a significantcommunication gap occurs between men and women is regarding communicating about their
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