Essay on Constructivist Concepts of Career Counseling

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Running head: CAREER COUNSELLINGNarrative Career CounsellingStudent NameUniversity nameAuthor Name
CAREER COUNSELLINGTask1.Personal Reflectiona)The essay, ‘Active Engagement and the influence of constructivism’ reflects on theconstructivist concepts of career counseling. Here the author discusses that most ofhis clients lack confidence in them which contributes a serious lack in theirimagination and creativity. Therefore, it is very important for both the counselor andthe clients that they have a mutual nurturing relationship which can help them toreach their goal. There might be difficulties at the initial stage, but soon the counselorshould clarify all the issues and specify that career counseling is not only aboutacademic life but also about the life experiences of the clients (Amundson, 2017).The counselor should define the career concerns of the client as their main job is notto judge their present situation, rather to address the issues and find a solution to it.The counselor should explore the problems by engaging actively in the situationwhile they try to build the confidence while they clarify the issues and make an actionplan. b)As a client to the career counselors, the first question that came to my mind is thatwhether I need a career counselor or not. However, after I became one, I realized Ihave been engaged to something which is a little different than other careers and issomething which enhances my analytical characteristics. At some point of time, whileI have been counseling, I realize that the assistance I provide to my clients should alsobe applied on my own career as well. I should also be able to take my career to apoint where it only moves towards the positive side before I start advising others
CAREER COUNSELLINGabout their own life. While I suggest them to be more focused and confident abouttheir career, I should also believe in myself and motivate myself. My experience inthis field has taught me that if you feel drained in a job, you should opt for somethingelse. You are to nurture your qualities and skills through your career. So, I havealways made it a point that my job should make me happy throughout the entireweek, not only on Friday evenings. c)My work is important for myself because other than being my main source of income,it also confers my identity, gives me a future goal and upholds my social contacts. Asa career counselor, I support my clients in achieving their goals. We need to boosttheir ego and bring the sense of satisfaction with their own abilities. However, thereare many times when the clients act uncooperative and sabotage the action plans.Therefore, I should also have a backup plan for each of the client. Till a certain pointof my course I used to think that this job is all about predicting the future of myclients, but my career taught me that it is not only about prediction, but alsounderstanding the clients and their strengths, therefore I am going to use my empathyand insight more in understanding the clients so that I can make positive use of theircapabilities.
CAREER COUNSELLINGReference Amundson, N. (2017). Active Engagement and the influence of constructivism

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