Essay on Importance of Nurses

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1)IntroductionThe following essay is a discussion of scope of practice and a reflection on the importance ofenrolled nurses using a decision making framework. Scope of practice is an important concept inprofessional regulation because it describes processes, actions, and procedures that practitionersshould adhere to in professional practice (Jacob, Sellick, & McKenna, 2012).The essay willoutline the Enroll Nursing (EN) scope practice, explain how ENs are required to use NMBAdecision making framework and the importance of competency, education and authority in ENpractice. The essay will also discuss how NMBA decision making framework enables ENsmaintain best practices and enhance high quality patient outcome.2a)The ENs scope of practice is defined as the education qualification, practice competency, andauthority of enrolled nurses in their professional practice (Jacob, Sellick, & McKenna, 2012).The scope of practice involves the roles, functions, and competence that an individual has inengaging as enrolled nurse in Australia. The ENs in Australia is second level nurses in providingnursing care and work under supervision and direction of registered nurses. The ENs have toundertaken 2 years or 18months course at TAFE or any other related health facilities to attain aDiploma in Enrolled Nursing (Ruth et al., 2013). The ENs has responsibility of their actions andhas to be accountable to provide delegated nursing care. The ENs have roles in maintainingpatients healthcare, educate patients, feed patients, administer first aid, assist dressing anddressing and maintain safe environment and minimize injuries. The ENs contributes patients’care planning but not independently as they work under registered nurses.2b)The NMBA decision making framework guides ENs profession practice and scope of practice.The framework enhances consistency in ENs’ judgment in their practice. The framework enablesmaking decision to be made within considerable and sound risk management, legislative andregulatory framework that is considered rational and professional (Schluter, Seaton, & Chaboyer,2011).The NMBA decision making-framework is supposed to guide ENs on every day practices
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