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Critical Appraisal1
Journalism is referred as the work and distribution of the reports that are based on the events,ideas, facts and people which are termed as news of the day. Journalism plays an important role ininforming the society about the current happenings (McHugh, 2014). Journalistic media comprises oftelevision, print, radio, internet and social media etc. There are different types of journalism and allhave distinct kinds of audience. The main journalism which is used in the UK are broadcast,interactive, investigative, tabloid and yellow journalism. In this essay, it constitutes of four issues withits outcomes. The four issues are lack of trust with journalists, web speed versus accuracy, drivers ofthe news agenda and fake content & rumours.DescriptionThere are various issues which are faced by the journalist in today's contemporary era. The firstissues which are analysed by me is lack of trust with journalists. Through my acknowledgement, this isthe severe issue which is faced by the UK people also. This is because there are several incidents hastake place through which I have lost the trust with journalism. According to Wasserman (2014)asserted that the main issues which has lack the trust in journalists and its work is Leveson and phonehacking (Wasserman, 2014). In this scandal, the editor and private investigator were convicted ofillegal interception of phone messages. I am talking about this issue because the culture, ethics andpractices of the press which have made the current regulatory regime failed. I think it also indicatesthat the media misconduct has affect the journalism trust in the people of UK. As per my view, thesecond issues can be Web – speed versus accuracy. In this, I evaluated that the internet provides newswhen ever we need and where we are demanded.Herbert(2015) stated that online news has alreadybecome a essential in millions of people’s life and this is because of the convenience it provides(Herbert, 2015). The speed of the web is fast as compared to the other mediums of news. The thirdissue is drivers of the news agenda in the social media. I have founded that Google, Facebook, MSNare the technology which are more preferable by the people of UK. Now the people are more active onthe social networking sites and preferring in online news more than print media that is newspapers. Thelast issue is fake content and rumours which are lacking the credible information. However, I contendthat the press is printing and publishing the false news and serving to their customers which isunethically incorrect.Jensen(2013) argued that this is done because of the enhancement of the marketshare and increasing of the profitability in the organization (Jensen, 2013).InterpretationHere, above four issues' interpretation will be done. The first issues is all about lack of trust inthe journalists. This is important because people believes in the journalists that is me for the news butwe sometimes bring spicy news or illegal news which guarded the people in the wrong way. On the2
behalf of my perspective, it is similar to the web – speed versus accuracy and fake content andrumours. This is because in these issues there is irrelevant information as well as as no real facts arebeen given to the people. In same way, web speed are needed in the online news but it is useful onlywhen it is accurate and realistic information are provided to the desired people.Thurman andSchifferes(2012) explained that the news without any relevancy is nothing, it only a piece of africtional story (Thurman and Schifferes, 2012). These can be explored by the advancement of thetechnology and new innovation in the news platform. According to my perspectives, the news areprovided on the web should be more accurate as compared to others because there more customers forthe online news.On the other hand, the another issue is news agenda on which news are reaching every level ofthe customers. As per my view, the google is the base of the internet sopeople is easily reaching to itfor the information. The children to adult all are Facebook lovers and on that platform also viewers isseeing the news. This issue is different from others because it is only eliminating the print medium butgiving the relevant issues (Wagemans, Witschge and Deuze, 2016). So I considered this as interestingaspect which are connecting the people from different ends. It can be explained by using thecontemporary theories through its social media factors. Last issue is the fake content and rumourswhich is considered as lack of incredible information. In context to this, I assessed that this issue isrelevant in terms of loyalty and accuracy. This is because fake content and rumours will onlymisguided the people which is not the duty of the journalists. It is as similar to the other two issueswhich are lack of trust and web – speed versus accuracy. In these all issues, the common part isirrelevant information and misguiding of the people from actual information (Campbell, 2015).OutcomeJournalism is an essential aspect in informing the society about the current news andinformation and make them up to date for the current scenario. By identifying the above stated issues, Ihave analysed that I have to make efforts to bring relevant information for the people. In the firstissues, I distinguish that by hacking the phone of some one and making news is an inappropriate andunethical measures. This type of practises should be avoided and I should work legally and providesactual information my readers.Through my acceptance, this is the intense issue which is faced by theUK people also. So I have to focus on writing skills to make the appropriate and important news whichshould be useful for the people. Readers are losing their faith in the journalist which is considered asthe major issues (Anderson, 2013). This can be overcome by giving relevant and accurate informationabout the incident, situation or events. Second issue which has discussed is web – speed and accuracy.According to me, there is no doubt that web news reaches more fast then other mediums. But it can be3
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