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Mental Health Nursing Assignments

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Added on  2020-02-24

Mental Health Nursing Assignments

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Mental health issues are very common in young people and the teenagers. Young minds
are always susceptible to depressions and anxiety due to several reasons. Such retardation can be
present since the time of birth. But just like physical illness mental illness also can be managed
and things can be done to help them out. This essay is regarding the changes that had occurred in
the nursing delivery in the mental health care of the young teens. A critical analysis have been
done regarding the interventions that have been adapted newly to bring about better outcomes in
them .The essay aims to provide information about how these changes have brought better
clinical and the psychosocial outcomes in the teens suffering from mental health issues.
Most of the young people with the mental health problems are managed outside the
specialized health services. Studies show that in the previous years the methods of treatment for
the young were conventional and followed a particular protocol which was more protocol
centered that being patient centered (Fortinash & Worret, 2014). The treatments were mainly
based upon medications, which often could not treat many individuals. Since a young mind is
more prone to any kind of damages or trauma, care should be taken while handling them (Foster,
O'brien, & Korhonen, 2012). Currently the registered nurses are more educated and are more
patient centered. The nursing care is mainly based on the evidence based practices. Another
approach that can be taken is, seeking online help. Researches focus on identification of the
evidence-informed technological uses. The technologies that can be used include
videoconferencing, telephone email and mobile applications. Online support is useful for
providing young mental health support via assessment, consultation and treatment.
Mental Health Nursing Assignments_2
Nowadays, the nursing is the biggest segment of the health care professionals. Apart from
being in frontline to the patient care, the nurses go hand in hand with the healthcare professionals
does get a better outcome. However, identifying the mental health issue in young people and
responding efficiently to the problems is quite challenging for the nurses (Happell & Gaskin,
2013) . Nowadays the nurses and the midwives work along a large range of settings and consist
of the large group of health care professionals which actually come in contact of the young
Mental issues in young generations can be looked upon for a number of perspectives. Some
disorders that are identified as the priority disorders are the learning disorders, the hyperkinetic
disorders, the Tourette’s syndrome, depression and associated suicide in the adolescents,
Psychosis, pervasive development disorder, attachment disorder, anxiety disorder, anti-social
personality, substance abuse(Norman & Ryrie, 2013).
There are considerable evidences that establishes the relationship between high quality of
care and the improve outcome of health. Efforts have been given to improve the quality of care
to the young people. The proposed method of care for the given population that is the young
people and the child is mainly a comprehensive team based care, along with coordination among
the providers, continuous access to care and a care approach that is system based (Townsend,
2014). This model is a key to strengthen the important features of high quality. This new mode
of treatment has also emphasized on the role of the new information technology in incorporating
the key features of the treatment. Many initiatives are now taken up like training of the primary
care staffs how to deal with the young people (Reiss, 2013). Previously the most of the mental
health issues in teenagers led to high degree of stigmatization and social isolation (Yoshikawa,
Aber, & Beardslee, 2012). But nowadays the disorders are appearing to be treatable. The
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