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Essay on Noise Pollution
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The essay helps in the overall analysis of the different reasons of the noise pollution
in India. Noise Pollution has become one of the most serious issues for the health of the
different individuals and the noisy kind of atmosphere in which we are surviving is becoming
an obstacle in securing the good health. The environmental issues and noise pollution are
hurting the other organisms along with the humans.
Thesis Statement-Noise Pollution has caused harm to the entire society resulting to
different kinds of problems on human beings and animals in a negative manner.
According toBruno et al.(2017), noise pollution is one kind of volume which creates
different diseases in the entire environment along with this is harmful for the breathing along
with living of the individuals on earth. Furthermore,Jamir,Nongkynrih and Gupta(2014), has
opined that Noise Pollution is inclusive of the different industrial volume, loudspeakers and
horns of the vehicles. Noise Pollution is discomfort along with injurious for the mental and
physical health along with annoying and irritating the living beings.
Bruno et al.(2017), has hypothesized that Noise Pollution is one of the
foremostecological concerns in the present scenario of India and sadly there are individuals
who are unconscious of the same. Moreover, this is unfortunate in nature that all the different
individuals are endangered to different kinds of loud noises for a long span of time and these
kinds of issues are becoming the dilemma for the different individuals in different cities in
India with the havoc which is unnecessary in nature. On the other hand,Jamir,Nongkynrih
and Gupta(2014), has commented that the different kinds of havoc are created by different
horn blowing on roads along with the different kinds of festive expression or the different
types of processions which are being carried out on the roads is creating huge mess in
different parts of India.
For instance-In different rural areas of India, the birth of the child is being expressed
by the different family members through cracking sounds through burning crackers. In the
present scenario, this can be analyzed that apart from Diwali, there are other different
occasions through which the individuals celebrate them through burning crackers which is
inclusive of winning the match along with bursting the different loud speakers has developed
as a rule in different areas (Shrivastava et al., 2018).
Khaiwal et al.(2016), has commented that in the present scenario, noise pollution has
become a major problem in India which led to different kinds of serious threats to health such
as hearing loss or the impairedness along with increase in the level of the stress among the
different individuals. Furthermore,Bruno et al.(20170, has opined that these kinds of noise
pollution cause insomnia, ailments of heart along with hypertension to the different
individuals. There are different safe levels which is required to be maintained by the
government or the different other regulatory authorities of the country which will assist in
maintaining the safety standards. As there are different situations when the safety levels are
not being maintained and this becomes hazards on the health of the individuals (Javaherian et
al., 2018).
Waldmanet al. (2017), has opined and commented that the different urban areas of
India are becoming highly populated in the last few decades. In the last decade, this was seen
that there is more than 31.8% of the entire population has increased to a large extent. Due to
this,Bruno et al.(2017), has opined that there are different kinds of health and environmental
issues which is inclusive of the environmental pollution. Some of these causes are
unavoidable in nature, however some steps are required to be followed to avoid the issues to
a certain extent and this will be beneficial for the reduction of the issues to a great extent.
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