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Running head: GAME EVALUATION ON POKEMON GOGame Evaluation Essayon Pokemon GoName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
1GAME EVALUATION ON POKEMON GOIntroductionPokemon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality or AR games that wasdeveloped by Niantic for the Android and iOS devices. It was initially released in fewselected countries in July 2016. This game is the collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic(Serino et al. 2016). Pokemon Go game utilizes the GPS of mobile devices for the purpose oflocating, capturing, battling and finally training various virtual creatures, known as Pokemon.This eventually appears like they are in the player’s real world location. This game iscompletely free to play and it utilizes a specific business model for supporting the in-apppurchases in the additional in-game items.The following essay outlines a brief discussion and the critical evaluation of PokemonGo game. This critical evaluation is done with the significant intention to identify the variousaspects, which would be working perfectly. Proper recommendations will also be providedfor better improvement of the game. This type of improvement should be done significantlyto increase the popularity of this game. The game design literature will be researchedproperly for evaluating the game significantly. Proper game theories would be considered forevaluation of this particular game.DiscussionBrief Description of the GameThe game of Pokemon Go is the augmented reality technology based game, whichtakes up around 20 million regular active users. This particular game eventually combines thegeo spatial elements with the practices of gaming for incentivizing the movement of the userwithin the physical world (McCartney 2016). These incentives could comprise of thepotential externalities for businesses that are associated with these. It is considered as one of
2GAME EVALUATION ON POKEMON GOthe most popular and significant augmented reality technology based game that helps the userin capturing the Pokemon in various locations as per the GPS of the device of the userplaying the game. Within the game, the Pokemons are widespread and has the automatedprocedure of searching them where they could be found so that they can easily appear to theuser (Clark and Clark 2016). Almost 151 different types of Pokemons are present are in thegame and all of them are to be found by the user. These varieties could be found in thePokemon Gyms. These collected Pokemon has to fight within the Gyms. This is the entirescenario of the game of Pokemon Go.Figure 1: Screenshot of Pokemon Go(Source: Civicioglu 2013)Game Design Literature for Locating Game TheoriesThere are some of the major game theories that are relevant to this particular game ofPokemon Go (LeBlanc and Chaput 2017). These game theories help the game in properexecution. The two significant game theories of Pokemon Go are given below:i)Back tracking: The first and the foremost game theory that has been applied in thegame of Pokemon Go is back tracking (Yang and Liu 2017). It is the most significant
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