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Essay on The Music Industry of UK

Added on - 07 Jan 2020

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Essay on the music industry of UKUK is being regarded as one of the largest cultural industry in world.However, it is also considered as one of the most successful creative industryin world (Our Views - UK Copyright Framework,2016). UK is also consideredas largest producer of the recorded music in whole Europe. In addition tothis, it has also being assessed that creative industry is also playingsignificant role in the country's growth. Here, the respective essay will givedetailed description regarding the UK music industry. Furthermore, it willalso depict the importance of copyright administration and royalty collectionfor the music companies which are occurring in United Kingdom.Creative industry is being considered as one of the most growingindustry in UK and it is giving its significant contribution in the overall nationgrowth. Hence, for the government of nation it is very essential that it shouldmake measures for protecting the rights of given industry. The given thing isbeing effectively done by UK government by making use of number of IPlaws and provisions.Herein, IP (Intellectual property) law are the economic frameworkwhich basically underpins the UK music industry as well as other creativeindustries which are operating in Britain. Hence, a copy right will be consideras the currency of the given framework. Here, copyright made applicable tothose work which are recorded in some way. This right ensures that theoriginal content of music writer and composer will not being used by anyother person without their permission (Wikström, 2013). Hence, copyright
provides legal protection to the creativity of an individual. Furthermore, hereindividual has the right to take action against the other people in case ofinfringement and plagiarism. Thus, it is correct to say that IP law related withthe copyright have importance within the music industry. This is because,the given law encourages the creativity of the music creators. Moreover, itwill also motive them with regard to make the development of different typeof music without being the fear of being copied (Rogers, 2013). However, ithas been critically evaluated that availing the copyright is not an easier task.This is because, on doing this an individual will have to go through withnumber of legal problems.Besides this, there is a relationship is being assessed between themusic using business and the collection societies. For example, there aremany companies or industries which make use of music. It consists of filmindustry, TV serial and advertising firms etc. Here, in return of using themusic of composer, these firms will have to pay some fee in the form ofroyalty. However, the given fee is being collected by the collection society onbehalf of music composer (Lieb, 2013). In addition to this, the companieswhich uses music cannot make direct contact with the composer of music ifhe/she has made an appointment of collection society for the purpose ofsame. Thus, both individual have working relationship which both uses withan aim to carry out their work in an effective manner.In this context, it can be said that it is important for the composer ofmusic that it should make an appointment of collection society for the
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