Essay - Pursuit Of Purpose In Life

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Running head: ESSAYThe visitor 2007Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
2ESSAYIn this film the central idea is to state the fact that every person is in pursuit of a purposein life. Loneliness, depression, anger and solitude are some of the vicious characteristic in anindividual that surfaces as a person looses the purpose of life. The visitor tells the tale of such anindividual who is looking for a purpose in life again a person who is left in melancholy andhopelessness in life. Life goes on and purposes keep changing with time and circumstances, it isimportant to understand that once a purpose if fulfilled there must be others to fill that gap.Walter is an established scholar and a man of honor. He is particular about his work and is veryresponsible about his role as a teacher. Hence, when he has been given an opportunity to fly toNew York City for a conference he readily takes it up. Walter is looking for a fulfillment in his life he is in pursuit of a purpose in his lone life.Walter lives in Connecticut and has recently lost his wife and therefore he is in a state ofperpetual sadness and loneliness. The transition from Connecticut to NYC is a change of tempoin the movie. As the hustle bustle of NYC develops Walter starts to converse with people that areout of sheer necessity but his communication with people actually starts after he has leftConnecticut this is the first change that is observed in the character. In the opening of the movie we see that the character Walter, is a man who is alone andhas a very straight forward life where he just goes to college and is known for his sour behaviorcomes back home and leads a very simple and lonely life. The first development in his charactertakes place when he first arrives at the apartment he was designate in NYC, Firstly we see achange in his behavior and the way he communicates with others he is more than shocked to finda couple already living in the apartment. Consideration grows in a person form the knowledge ofhow helpless the other person and the understanding of the situation. C Khalil is a Syrianmusician and Zainab is a Senegalese street vendor both of them are illegal immigrantsand were

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