Effective Expatriate Management Strategies


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Running Head: EssayThe study focuses on understanding the Pre departure training and the expatriate developmentprogram for expatriates and their family before and during their overseas assignment. It is usualfor the employees, their spouse and their children face culture distress when they are transferredto foreign land for any overseas assignment. A smooth transition for the employees and theirfamilies at their changed workplace, aids in decreasing their nervousness, increase in their senseof retrieval control, and eventually ensures a fruitful project. It is highly essential andrecommended that the company adheres to all the apprehensions of the employees and theirfamily and provide them guidance and intra cultural instructions about leisure, communalincorporation, safety and schooling, along with service alternative for the accompanying partner.The study discusses both the parameters of training required at the time of Pre –Departuretraining and ongoing training program. The pre-departure training includes the most importantaspect that is understanding the language of the relocated country. Another point discussed in theessay is the Information and resource management; Families can be oriented with books,literature of the culture of the other country. They can be told about major travelling spots andfamous destinations, this will make employees and their families to settle in a better way.Ongoing training program is also discussed. The study points out that the employees should bewelcomed and oriented properly by foreign Employer. This is essential for settling theemployees and if done properly will solve half of the problem of employees. Good orientationincludes introduction to company policies, country’s culture and language.The first task in discussion is the Pre – Departure Training to the expatriate. This training isessential for getting a knack of the working style, government regulations and other realisticissues that can occur even in the alike cultures. The Expatriate has to be accustomed to the rules2
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Running Head: Essayand regulations, social customs, verbal and non-verbal etiquettes and gestures about the relocatedcountry to ensure the success of his assignment [ CITATION TCr08 \l 1033 ].The pre-departure training includes the most important aspect that understanding the language ofthe relocated country. Knowing the foreign language is vital for setting up network andimportant personal and professional contacts. Personal connections can be particularly valuablefor securing access to scarce resources, such as government licenses, permits, special loans andcredit facilities, subsidies, discounted privatizations and contracts. Well connected expatriatesmay have access to informal information about potential sources of income that may not bepublicly available [ CITATION TMF16 \l 1033 ]. Firms that employ such expatriates have anadvantage over firms lacking cross cultural capabilities. International assignment at most times,do not result in the same way as they had been planned. They do not maintain the ideal expatriatelife cycle and therefore end up unsuccessful, but it is found out and argued that prematurely endof an international assignment is not necessarily an expatriate failure.The important capability required by the HR team for the senior expatriates are skill ofincorporating, and promoting the important values. This would help in shaping the culturalrelationships of the host company with the new company [ CITATION GDi13 \l 1033 ].The second important aspect for the company with respect to expatriate is to focus on theongoing expatriate development program. This includes - Welcoming and orientation, where theemployees should be welcomed and oriented properly by foreign Employer. This is essential forsettling the employees and if done properly will solve half of the problem of employees. Goodorientation includes introduction to company policies, country’s culture and language. Then, it isimportant to offer a reference person and place for the recently arrived persons. The employeeshould be provided with information, links; purpose assets and fell at home activities. It is in3
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