Small and Medium Enterprise Assignment: Tourism Industry Assignment

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Small to Medium Tourism EnterpriseSmall and medium tourism enterprise are accountable for operations of tours and travel inthe country at moderate level (Coles, Dinan and Warren, 2016). The New Zealand sector oftourism is dominated by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It has about 16500 and ten listedcompanies which are public sectors. In this report the key statistics of visitors, markets andrevenue from attractions will be evaluated. Roles of stakeholders in tourism will be identifiedand the sectors in which they could influence the enterprise. The benefits in socio-cultural,economic and environmental an enterprise can create. Their drawbacks and suggestions tominimize the impact of those impacts will be identified. The contribution towards growth anddevelopment in the economics of the nation of small and medium tourism industry will beidentified. Small and medium tourism enterprise are generally small organisations which employless than five people.Analyze key tourism statistics of New ZealandTable 1: Table Showing arrivals of international visitors(Source: International Visitor Arrivals to New Zealand, 2017)CountriesVisits in 2015Visits in 2016Change in GrowthIndia460015208713.10%Malaysia322415174160.64%Singapore495815739315.70%China35590540901114.90%Canada523565975714.20%Australia132685014092616.20%Germany845479684714.60%USA24310729139619.90%UK2039562209778.30%Japan8732410073915.40%Other Countries58312766848211.80%Black Sheep Touring Company operates as a small and medium tourism enterprise in NewZealand. From the statistics provided in above table shows immense growth in visitors from allthe countries in the world (Worku, 2016). Tourism sectors directly contributes 9.0 billion NZ$ in1
the country GDP and providing approximately 110800 employment which is nearly 6% of NewZealand workforce. Attractions and activities for visitorsFiord-land National Park and Milford Sound, South IslandThe Fiord-land National Park consist of most mesmerising and beautiful landscapes inthe world, Black Sheep Touring company include the attractions in its package as visitorsenjoy and exploring glaciers, cascades, lakes, offshore islands, and mountains.Auckland, North IslandThe largest city of New Zealand comprises various markets and amazing tourist spot.Tourists visit here for its diverse market and adventurous sport like bungee jumping fromthe 328 meter sky tower. It is also famous for rainforest, islands, picturesque coves andvolcanoes.Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, South IslandFox and Franz Josef Glaciers are among most reachable glaciers in the world. Visitorspurpose to visit is to explore the natural beauty and which is surrounded in the southisland of New Zealand. Ariel view facilities are provided to visitors by the tour operatorsuch as seaplane and helicopters so that they can get a different experience of thebeautiful place.Coromandel Peninsula, North IslandThe beautiful peninsula of northern island in New Zealand, which is the key attraction forthe visitors. Visitors enjoy hiking and birding as the peninsula provide excellentopportunity to conduct the activities. Coromandel peninsula offers golden beach for therelaxation of visitors. Many sea activities like sea diving, swimming, surfing etc are alsoconducted. There are various art studios and a popular hot pool tub which impacts theattraction of the site.Black Sheep Touring company roles and responsibility is to provide responsible tour andoperations to the visitors. There are many types of stakeholders which can lay impact on theworking of the organisation. Various stakeholders influence the company either directly orindirectly. Stakeholders which influence Black Sheep Touring Companies are-1.National Stakeholder- National Stakeholders include government and civilians of thecountry. Government frames the policies regarding the tour operations and regulations2

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