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Government Policy Legitimation for Festival | Essay

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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ESSAY:The relevance of policylegitimation for Festival and Events
Government’s Interest in Events and FestivalsThis essay explores the involvement and interest of the government in festivals andspecial events across the country. It reflects the extent and nature of involvement and alsoinvestigates each activity by purpose, reasons for the government’s engagement. According toFoley, & (2013), reasons for the involvement of the governmentin planned events includethe perceived socioeconomic and cultural consideration of public good, equity on social terms,ROI, the efficiency of all the associated sectors, psychological benefits, and mitigating marketfailures. In the final part of this essay, a new paradigm is discussed, including specificrecommendations on how the sustainable event’s paradigm through public policy can beachieved.Figure1: Classification of Events(Source: Foley, & 2013)Main ObjectivesThe main aim of this research is to reveal the emphasis of policies in festivals and eventsof Singapore so that it could assist in economic development strategy; the same can be donethrough evaluating the policies used by the government rather than to access the extent of theobjectives achieved. As per Foley & (2015), the worth and impact of an event are evaluatedby the Government through a triplebottomline (TBL) approach. Each of the elements of TBL
(economic, social/cultural and environmental) along with the probable objectives and associatedpolicy initiatives to be taken are suggested.Need for Policy and Legitimating the sector of Event ManagementIn accordance with Getz & (2016), it has been argued that the nation’s economicstability has been attributed to the growth in the festivals and events sector in Singapore. Thishas provided the sector with great opportunity to enrich the cultural life of the country. Theideologies of economic culture are very well reflected in the country’s glocalization process, inwhich the global activity is courted actively by the locals, as per the directions of the country’spolicy for festivals and special events. Policies which symbolize this phenomenon includevarious variants which specify city as ‘eventful city’ which have capitalised global events,suggesting a ‘localisation of globality’.As in case of a free exhibition at Singapore PhilatelicMuseum; a known place where children can have weekend fun and event relating to Sing Jazzpresents Gregory Porter which provides charm to Singapore through his soulful voice. Thus, thepolicy related to this sector is especially significant given the economic benefits which the eventsand festivals bring to the Nation as a means to realize the objective of the glocalisation processformulated by the country.Figure2: General View of Different Perspectives of Events(Source: Getz & 2016)
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