ESSAY : The short and long-term professional goals to pursue doctoral in Education Degree

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The short- and long-term professional goals to pursue doctoral in Education DegreeThe intense intellectual effort & extended study can be described as a major professional goal to pursuedoctoral in education degree. To master the subjects completely one has to gone through some of theshort & long term professional goals to achieve the bigger understanding in education degree &ultimately gain knowledge from it. The experimentation & particular research will generate deepunderstanding about any topics. The professional goals use as an equipment to accomplish doctoral ineducation degree. A different pattern was observed at the high end of the educational range, due to growthin the percentage with bachelor’s and advanced degrees (Weiner, 1972)For this reason, the scholar’s work placement is an important aspect for the sports managementdegree programs. The personal reflective practice is very necessary for to reach the primarymode of short term goal. The educational institutions are offering the sport management degreeprogram as a growing need for the current education degree. With the global professionalism thesports management continues to grow. Sports related management is unique & it is acombination of marketing, accounting, human resource, management, logistics, social science &physical education. The sports management is very much connected to the employment economy& also deal with the disciplinary knowledge, to enhance the market growth as well as thesimultaneous competition & performance in the educational degree. Management skills in sportswill also provide an invaluable opportunity for the scholars to expand & evolve the educationaldegree to a great extent. The inclusion of the sports in the education degree can be specified as‘’reflective degree’’. It is through reflection & conceptualization that students are able totranslate their work experiences into learning outcomes and engage in deep level learning statedby (Hinojosa and Howe, 2016).The educational environment put a strong impact in the learning potential. Autonomous,cooperative & interactive base create a powerful learning environment. One of highereducation’s most important challenges: student success (Kane, 2015).The learning criteriabroadly associate with the environment that optimizes & promote the knowledge & skill. Thekey aspect of the rich context & independent learning can stimulate the education purpose. Thegeneration of authentic learning environment is highly resulted towards, building more learningcapability. Vast amounts of data into powerful, decision making capabilities (Ruysseveldt, Witte,and Syroit, 2014).1|Page
Now this environment plays an important role to operate & grow in acquiring the educationaldegree. They are, as follows-1.The healthy environment can stimulate the students to work & discuss with each otherrelated to numerous topics.2.Good environment will provide different activities for the students & eventually they willlearn through it.3.Environment generates the learning tasks by the student.4.The environment has a power so the students can able to discuss the learning contenttogether.5.The additional learning materials will generate & produce by the self-evaluation.6.The student if stay in a good environment then they will pay attention towards the socialthings & about the recent events. And they can do self-analysis by these things.7.Not only from the traditional learning but the acquired knowledge & skill will initiate bymixing up & with the interaction of other students also.8.Be in a healthy environment & assuring strong relationship development with the peersprovides opportunity to learn & enjoy the stress free circumstances.The behavioral pattern largely connected with the mode of course one student will be pursuing.Now the mode of course can be defined as, one student is taking the course from on-line that viainternet where within a certain period of time the course will continue. Behavioral patterns areconcerned with the assignments of responsibilities between objects or encapsulating behaviorslastly delegating requests to it (Changet. al2014). On the other hand the online guidance alsodivided into two criteria that is instructor based & self placed. In the instructor based learning thevirtual classroom will be there, with other component with regular meetings & interactions.Furthermore in the self-placed online course, the students will complete the course throughonline. The university course management system, where the instructor provides the timelysubmission of the papers & one has to work according to that. Through these two types oflearning procedure the change in the student behavioral pattern is very effective. For theselection of the content, development & assortment of the instructional materials, moreover theconstruction & tests for assessing & evaluating the student’s learning outcome directed towards2|Page
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