Essay The shrinking world due to Globalisation

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The metaphors such as “Shrinking world” and “Global village” are often used in thepresent scenario because of the globalization. In this context, it can be stated that because of theglobalization whole world seems like the single village where each individuals can interact orcommunicate with each other very easily. However, before the era of globalization the thing wasnot the same (Shrinking world,2015). This is because; earlier people have to face manycomplications or problems when they have to communicate with the other individual who live insome different country. Here, expatriations are the individual who permanently or temporarilylive in some other country as an immigrant.In this regard, it can be said that the world is shrinking because of advancement incommunication, transportation and computer technology. The presence of modern mean ofcommunication such as email, video conferencing and internet etc has provided ease to theexpatriation (Jen, 2015). Here, with the help of given means only the people who are living farfrom their country can communicate with their relatives and friends in an effective manner. Withan aim to present or formulate this essay a very structured format will be used. Here, the essaywill give the information about the metaphors such as “Shrinking world” and “Global village” .After that, this essay will depict the importance of “Shrinking world” and “Global village”. Inaddition to this, the essay will also showcase the effect of these metaphors on future ofexpatriation (Schwenniger, 2015). Here, in the given section both positive and negative impact ofthese given metaphors will be discussed among the expatriation.According to the view point ofHo (2012)shrinking world is the practice in which theworld is transforming into one single place. In addition to this,Lans (2012)have depicted thatshrinking world means that the world or village which is economically linked with each other.This means that any kind of changes in the one specific country will seem to affect the wholeworld. This thing has been experienced by countries during global crises. Thus, it can be saidthat the metaphors such as “Shrinking world” and “Global village” which are used in the currentbusiness environment is correct. It is due to the fact that, at present the whole scenario ofconducting the business has drastically changed. Now days due to the presence of advancecomputer technologies, it has become easier for firms to establish or start its business in someother market which is completely unknown to them (Wang, Bullock and Oswald, 2011).The given thing has been performed by various famous corporations such as Sainsbury,Tesco and The Body Shop etc. Here, it has been analysed that in some countries these companies
have physical presence through store. However, in many countries they have online presence.These firms are able to present their online presence in global market because of the significantadvancement in communication technology only. Inaddition to this, the advancement in thecommunication technology has provided platform to the given companies with regard to performsignificant improvement in their market share in an effectual manner. Furthermore, the giventhing has also provided opportunity to the firm to develop the new target base of customers fortheir respective product in an effectual way (Kaim, 2012). Thus, it can be said that the metaphorwhich are applied to today's world is correct.Besides this, the shrinking world is not only providing benefit to citizens of the countrybut it is proving as the beneficial aspect to the other individual who live in some other country.The individual who resides in some other country in spite of their citizenship is popularly calledby the name of expatriation. In addition to this, in future also the activities of the expatriationwill be affected due to metaphors such as “Shrinking world” and “Global village”.In the future, the connectivity between two individuals will become easier. In thiscontext, in future more advancement will occur in the communication technology. This willprovide opportunity to the expatriation to establish the connection with different type ofindividuals in the faster and easier manner (Zietman, 2014). Here, due to the advancement incommunication technology, expatriation will get benefit in the form of using hospitality servicesat very limited cost. In this context, it has been analysed that there are some expatriation thattravel to some other country with an aim to get rid of some diseases. For example, an Indiancitizen who is living in United Kingdom is undergoing through with some kind of treatmentunder the examination of some Indian doctor who live in India.In the given process, that specificindividual has to travel to India for the examination and with an aim to review the progressrelated to its treatment (Crockin, 2013). In this given activity, that particular expatriation has toinvest lots of money. However, that money will be saved by the individual due to theadvancement in the communication technology. Here, at present varied modern means ofcommunication are available which respective person can use. For instance, with the help ofvideo conferencing an individual can communicate with the respective doctors in an effectivemanner. In addition to this, the given mean will also provide opportunity to the expatriation withrespect to make the consultation about the diseases from all the professionals who live indifferent countries (Kumar, 2014).
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