Exploring the Relevance of Stories by Ha Jin, Isabelle Allende, and Nawal EL Saadawi in Public Discussion


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There are many countries whose growth is affecting due to different political and socialissues. Thus, in order to present these issues among general-public different writers have writtenvaried novels or stories. In this essay, stories written by Ha Jin, Isabelle Allende, and Nawal ELSaadawi will be evaluated. This essay will conclude that how the ideas which are explored bythese authors are relevant to public discussion. Among all rape is being regarded as one of the most prominent issues for many countries.In this regard, it has been examined that government of nations has formed different acts andlaws with an aim to take action towards the specific issue. However, Nawal El Saadawi haspresented this issue in a very different way. In his story, he has given description regarding thesociety’s perception of men and women status. Here, the author has shown female relevance tothat small animal who always kept in the small and dark room. Similarly, men are denoted aslarge animals who always dominate small animal because of their power. Hence, it can be saidthat respective story totally revolves around the condition of women in society. The story whichis written by Nawal could help in enhancing the motivation of female who are living in society.Further, it will also encourage them for taking action against rape or physical abuses that happenunder a closed door. In addition to this, the author has put his major focus on equality. In thearticle, he has clearly explained that each individual who has taken birth in the world possess fullauthority to enjoy his/her freedom and right. In addition, in the respective article author has useddifferent strong sentences like “Women have their own mind” and “They are more worth thantheir reproductive organ etc” for the purpose to motivate women. Thus, it is correct to say thatNawal el Saadawi has effectively spoken about ongoing effort to combat rape culture in hisstories. This is because the situations like rape and physical abuses can be eliminated if anindividual who is the victim of such condition will take significant action towards the same. Thisis because any fight can be won if people unite together and take action towards a specific issuewhich is affecting them most. MeToo movement is also a similar type of approach here it gives aplatform to women wherein they can freely express the rape and physical abuse issues whichthey are facing at present. This is because with an aim to do the same lots of courage arerequired. However, women have a tendency to hide things which put question mark upon theirimage. Here, women always keep their mouth shut even though they are fully aware of the factthat they are not in a faulty position. Thus, it is very right to say that the story written by Nawal1

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