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Running head: ASSIGNMENT ON ENGLISH ESSAYASSIGNMENT ON ENGLISH ESSAYName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1ASSIGNMENT ON ENGLISH ESSAYTitle-ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ON GILMAN’S “THE YELLOW WALLPAPERCharlotte Perkins Gilman’s short fiction,“The Yellow Wallpaper”has intended tocapture a traumatic and distressful descent into madness. In the story narrated by her, theprotagonist attempts to evade the norms and hassles of the male dominated medication systemwhich subjects her to be engaged in a forceful devastating cure regarded as the ‘resting care’ thatresults in confining her life within the four walls of a room (Gilman). The essay aims to studyabout the way the narrator finds an association with the decorative yellow wallpaper of her roomfurther believing herself to be trapped inside it. The thesis statement of this essay is, with severalpatriarchal dominances, the narrator eventually recognized the identity of her true self, furtherwilling to set free several other women facing similar confinements.Persistent confinement and loneliness made the life of the protagonist apathetic andpushed her into delusion. The narrator’s collapse was the consequence of her medication alongwith the factors associated with the attitudes of men towards the women. It has been stated inmany essays, how the wallpaper in her bedroom has been an object of horror to her (Rensing).The dictatorship of John, her husband aroused a certain degree ofpossessiveness in theprotagonist towards the wallpaper. She intends to draw a controlling power towards thewallpaper on the process of searching for something in her own life. John as being solely liableto his wife’s insanity for hisdictatorship and obligatory natureled the narrator express her griefwith actions instead of expressing through words (Beer). Through such actions, the narratorarticulated her intentions to break the societal especially male driven norms that leave women tobe mere objects of the society. However, such controlling deeds of John led the narrator to bedomineeringtowards the wallpaper that acts as the sole savior and amusement to her motionlesslife (González Mínguez). It has been noted in the fiction the way women’s circumstantial factors
2ASSIGNMENT ON ENGLISH ESSAYhad always been associated with men. The narrator through her stern actions aimed to prove themanner in which the world has been perceived and comprehended with the perceptions and voiceof men, further remonstrating thediminishing as well as marginalizedstate of women. Thenarrator initially had perceived the wallpaper as atrocious and horrifying: ‘I never saw a worsepaper in my life....’ (Bausch). However, in the later section it was observed that she started tofeel mesmerized and fascinated towards it and hence identified a new ray of hope through it.It was the wallpaper through which she identified her true inner self of hers byassociating herself with the shadow that was seen by her. The unvarying emptiness in made herbeing indulged into her own surroundings. Thesilhouette or shadowof many elements emergedto the narrator as the woman behind the paper. Numerous imaginations begun to develop in hermind which formed the shape of an artificial woman (Gilman). However, thishallucinationacted as a source of her freedom and desires, for which she has been breathing. The narratorinstead of identifying the woman as a mere human figure, she supposes it to be a female byrelating her own life experiences with the shadow. By providing an identification of woman tothe shadow, the narrator paves her way tocondemn the patriarchal domination.The evolutionfrom being a confined indistinct shadow to an unseen women yielded the narrator to identifyherself identity(Martin and Julie). Thus, anintentional shifthas been noted, whereby the narratorinstead of setting the woman free, she involves herself in confining the woman. Through themotives of capturing the woman, she unexpectedly succeeded in liberating herself by intendingto set free several other women trapped like her.However, according to few scholars, the narrator discovered that her life has begun toconcentrate primarily on the wallpaper of her room that eventually became a sole reason of hersurvival. It must be noted that even though the narrator grew a fondness towards the room, yet a
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