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Essential Reading:“Toyota to cease manufacturing cars in Australia” References:Baye, Managerial Economics and Business Strategy. Chapter 5 (“The production process and costs”)Besanko et al. Economics of Strategy. Chapter 2 (“The horizontalboundaries of the firm”),Keat and Young. Managerial Economics: economic tools for today's decision makers. Chapter 7 (“The theory and estimation of cost”).The continuing importance of economies of scale in theautomotive industry. Rumy Husan, European Business Review, 1997, Vol. 97Iss: 1, pp.38 - 42Making Cars and Making Money in the Interwar AutomobileIndustry: Economies of Scale and Scope and the Manufacturing behind theMarketing. Daniel M G Raff. The business history review, 1991, Vol.65(4),p.721-753Book Chapter: The Evolution of Competition in the Automotive Industry. Matthias Holweg., scale or policy? Exit in the Australian car industry.Fleischmann, M.P., Prentice, D. Economic Record Volume 77, Issue 239,2001, Pages 351-360Australia's Automotive Manufacturing Industry – Inquiry.AustralianGovernmentProductivityCommission. on Toyota Australia’s scale of You can select from those references and add 4 more references from your own.Total Reverences: 5-8

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