CHM101 Essentials of Chemistry - Assignment

Added on - 15 May 2020

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ESSENTIALS OFCHEMISTRY(CHM101)1Essentials of ChemistryName of the StudentName of the Affiliate InstitutionCourse NameCourse NumberInstructor’s NameDate
ESSENTIALS OFCHEMISTRY(CHM101)2OVERVIEWActivity ObjectiveTo extract and detect fats from chocolate, potato chips, sunflower and almonds.Materials RequiredPackaged food to test (chocolate chip,potato chips,sunflower seeds,almondsAcetone:8 jars/glasses/non-plastic containersmeasuring vial (that can approximately measure 20 ml) or teaspoon (1 teaspoon = 5ml)balance/scalemicrowavebrown paper bag4 zip-lock bagshammer/rolling pinmarker/labelgloves (preferably natural latex/rubber or butyl)EXPERIMENT PROCEDURE AND RESULTSPART 1: QUALITATIVE DETECTION OF INVISIBLE FATS IN FOODS1.Cut up the brown paper bag into squares about 10 cm wide.2.Place a few grams (approx. ½ teaspoon) of each food on a separate piece of paper.3.Microwave each food separately on High for 25-40 seconds.4.Fold the paper over the microwaved food and press hard (some food needs more force tocrush, use rolling pin or hammer). Allow it to dry for 5 min.5.Record your observations.Results:HOUSEHOLD FOODOBSERVATIONS ON THE PAPERChocolate chipGrease spot is observed having spread beyondthe chocolate
ESSENTIALS OFCHEMISTRY(CHM101)3Potato chipsLarge wet grease spot is observed on thepaperSunflower seedsGrease spot is seen only where the seedtouches the paperalmondsLarge grease spot on the paperPART 2: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF INVISIBLE FATS IN FOODSDAY 11. Weigh out each of the empty 4 jars/containers and record their weights in the tableprovided.2. Separately weigh about 10 g of each food, place it in separate zip-lock bags andcrush each food item. Be careful as seeds are sharp and may pierce the bag. It doesnot need to be finely crushed into a powder.3. Place each of the crushed foods into the pre-weighed jars and label the jars. Nowweigh all the full jars and record in the table provided.4. Take empty new 4 jars/containers and label them with each of the four foods. Theywill be used in the next step.5. Now repeat extraction by adding another 10 mL of acetone, swirl and decant into thesame labelled jar/container previously used.7. Leave both jars (with wet food and with decanted acetone solution) to evaporateovernight. Make sure they are placed well away from anyone and from open flames,in a well-ventilated area.8.REPEAT STEPS 5-7for the remaining 3 foods. You should now have total of 8 jars/containers, 4 with crushed food and 4 with decanted acetone drying. Once both setsof jars dry,Results:HOUSEHOLDFOODWEIGHT OFEMPTY JAR (G)WEIGHT OF JAR +CRUSHED FOOD(G)WEIGHT OFCRUSHED FOODALONE (G)Example calculationonly105g116g116-107= 11gChocolate chip49.2g57.6g8.4gPotato chips53.4g62g8.6g
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