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Ethical Decision Making Process

Added on - 20 Nov 2019

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Unit Code:Unit Name: Professional Environment Assignment No. 1Name of the document: Ethics Assignment –Lecturer/Tutor’s Name:Student Details:Name:Student number:1
Ethical Analysis and Decision making processStep 1: Understanding the situation1A: Enlistment and number of relevant facts associated1.Harry is a diligent employee working under the organization named FABIO, amajor graphics providing Software Company located in Australia, as a systemsecurity analyst.2.Harry is extremely talented and a dedicated employee with all the securityinformation required for the benefit of the company, inclusive of all themethodologies and updates.3.Addressing the major security issues, Harry decided and eventually developedself-programmed software, potential enough to provide higher level of securityfor the systems involved with specific relevant features, ahead of fellowcompetitors.4.Believing in his expertise, Harry decided to go ahead for entrepreneurship,purchasing all the required hardware and software necessary for his star-upenterprise.5.Harry decided to approach Jill, the manger to him and head of the IT securitydepartment in FABIO to offer the software at a discounted price, considering it asthe first client.6.Jill on the proposition rejected the software being judgmental about it and statingit to be dangerous for the company and informed she would not purchase such acommodity even it was free.2
7.Unable to pursue his dream, Harry decided to become a web consultant to all theprospective users, pseudonymously blogging solution as Safe-T utilizing the nameLock Smith.8.Soon enough, the manager Jill, discovers about this pseudonymous blogging andeasily derives that to be Harry, as the program became a trend-setter in themarket.9.Realizing the immense popularity Harry achieved for the software, Jill at oncedecided to sack him and informs her manager Brockley.10.Brockley, the manger and executive head of the IT department, did not enquireabout the situation and directly agreed to the termination.11.Amidst these happenings, the fame rose to a level that eventually, Iris Bigg , theowner of the company FABIO, decided and ordered Brockley to enquire aboutLock Smith and immediately heir him for their company.12.Brockley, now has to offer Harry his job again.3
1B: Which of these raise an ethical issueSITUATION NUMBERPOTENTIAL HARM3Organization is unaware of Harry’s excellentresearch5,7Employee’s trust and rights are breached8,9Manager Jill did not consult high-levelmanagement and the company lost a diligentemployee10Unethical decision from BrockleyTable: 1Notation: the pointers stated above indicate all the former and the present issues.Number 4 is nt a major issue alongside of 5, 7, as employees like Harry excelsovercoming challenges. Addressing 8,9- it is a past action and is already taken, so themajor issue revolves around number 10, the factual present dilemma of offering Harryhis position back.4
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