(PDF) Ethical Analysis in Project Management

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Ethical Analysis2a)Identify 3ethical issuesthat may be associated with the situation as described in thearticle.Gathering and processing the necessary data quick enough to avoid dangerouscircumstances.Liability is another ethical issues, who is liable when an autonomous car crashes? Thedriver? Telsa or the programmers? –The technology in the driverless vehicles have errors and they are not immune to thefailure of the system.The ethical issue which would arise surrounding the liability is assigning fault when theautonomous car crashes.Another ethical issue is the maintaining confidentiality.Individuals do not have confident of the driverless cars,They may not trust it with their life as they are been driven by machine and it could havefaults.Another ethical issue facing the driverless vehicle is the issue of outsourcing theproduction of the various components.The organization making the driverless cars could have problems when they areoutsourcing production of various components to make these cars.a)For the 3 ethical issues nominated, identify thekey stakeholders.Liability ethical issues: The stakeholder who is held responsible is the manufacturingcompanies.If the software misinterprets a worn down sign the blame falls to the manufacturingcompany.The autonomous vehicle has become more prevalent system for the responsibility.Maintaining confidentiality: Community are the main stakeholders.They do not have confident in the driverless vehicles as they are prone to risk as systemcan failure.The ethical issue of gathering and processing of the data quicker; the stakeholder is theprogrammer.These individuals are responsible to carry out all the ethical scenarios and preventoccurrence of a situation.b)For each stakeholder group identified, select what you believe is the relevantethicalviewManufacturing company: the ethical principle they would take is deontologyOn this company the right and the wrong is dependent on meeting their duty and theindependent of the consequences.The future liability of the self-driven software rested on the company.
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