Ethical business plan assignment

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Running head: ETHICAL BUSINESS PLANEthical Business PlanName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ETHICAL BUSINESS PLANQuestion 1:Background:It can be seen that various fundamental values may arise. In this context, the fundamentalvalues that can arise in relation to the given situation are honesty, fairness, trust, respect, courageand responsibility (Fidaet al.2015). It can be observed that in the given case study, ProfessorNash offered the group- Erica, Jeff, Julianne and Akram with a project which involves thedrafting of a letter and preparing an effective plan for an organization.Challenges:The deadline of such project was near and therefore the group faced manychallengestocomplete it in time.Approaches:In this regard, theapproachesthat Erica and her group must take are to act with courageand honesty thereby taking proper responsibility of the project in which they are working.Analysis:It has beenanalyzedthat in this way the group can contribute towards an ethicaldecision.Question 2:Background:
2ETHICAL BUSINESS PLANIt can be stated that the future of the students as well as the reputation of Professor Nashis at stake.Challenges:In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the group has never worked in such project everin lifetime which is related to healthcare industry or a purchasing organization which is a majorchallengefor them.Approach:Therefore the mainapproachin this regard is that the group shall carry out the researcheffectively and complete it by using their ideas and efforts.Analysis:It can beanalyzedfrom the given situation that that they cannot include any similarinformation from the internet regarding their project as it would be unethical and at the sametime shall violate the terms of fundamental values.Question 3:Background:It is worth noting that every individual shall have the ability to determine their unethicalbehavior (Heuseret al.2016). In this regard, it is essential on the part of the individuals toquestion themselves that whether they are rationalizing unethical behavior (Knight 2014).Therefore in thebackgroundof the case study it can be observed that due to lack of knowledgeand short span of time the group was unable to complete the project on time.
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