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Running head: ETHICAL BUSINESS STRATEGY OF H & M FASHIONEthical Business Strategy of H & M FashionName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
ETHICAL BUSINESS STRATEGY OF H & M FASHION1Answer 1)H & M Fashion has zero tolerance policy in relation to corruption and they take a pro-active approach in relation to the prevention of corruption (, 2018) This has beenstated forward in that of Code of Ethics that is applied to all the business partners along withsuppliers. Education along with building awareness are held to be crucial tools that can helpin the prevention of corruption within that of high-risk countries. Code of ethics helps inproviding backbone to that of their business. The H & M Group is not instrumental in owningany factories. The products of H & M are made by that of independent suppliers who arelocated in the developing countries. H & M believes that everyone who is working within thatof the textile industry should be capable of earning a wage- irrespective of where they areworking. The people who make the clothes are treated with utmost respect and the suppliersoffer the employees with fair wages along with that of good working conditions. H & M isnot responsible for owning any factories and they work with that of independent suppliers.The suppliers can be contracted by various brands and so the worker is able to earn sameamount in relation to that of the money. The workers can be employed by that of the supplier.They work regarding the wage issues within that of the company along with collaborationwith that of other stakeholders like that of UN Body International Labour Organization andglobal unions.H & M has implemented a strategy in relation to fair living wages which is called FairWage Living Strategy. They are adopting the Fair Wage method so that they can achieve fairwage setting in relation to the employees (Guitián, 2015) They work in partnership with thatof local players along with that of global organisations in relation to this important issue. Thematerials of H & M fashion are sustainably sourced and they depend on that of naturalresources. Environmental impacts in relation to textile processing can prove to be harmfuland there are other fabrics that have less amount of environmental footprint. They use
ETHICAL BUSINESS STRATEGY OF H & M FASHION2recycled polyester in relation to the sportswear instead of that of conventional polyester. Therecycled polyester is made from that of oil-based waste like that of PET bottles that can helpin preventing it from being in the landfills (Wang, Cheney & Roper, 2016). H & M Fashionmake use of recycled polyamide which is made from that of fishing nets along with that ofcarpets. They utilise the leftover waste from that of production and it can help in the saving ofthat of natural resources.H & M believes in uniform human rights for all the workers and the objective of theorganization is to see to the fact that everyone is entitled to fair wages (Grayson & Hodges,2017). They have collaborated with that of international organization like that of InternationalLabour Organization which deals with the wage issues. The Fair Wage Living Strategy helpsin the protection of the workers. Treating the workers well is another vision in relation totheir organization and optimum working conditions can help in saving the rights in relation tothe employees.Answer 2)Ethical branding in relation to H & M Fashion focuses on making use of organiclinen, organic silk, natural rubber and recycled glass for making the clothes. The organiclinen is derived from that of plants and it does not have any kind of chemical pesticides orthat of fertilisers. It can thus help in favouring both the health of the farmers along with thatof the environment. It does not have any kind of genetically modified fibre and this makes theethical branding of H & M to be of superior quality. The organic silk of that of H & Mfashion comes from that of the silkworms who line in that of the mulberry trees. Themulberry trees are grown in a manner that is environment friendly and sustainable farmingtechniques are made use of for augmenting the brand reputation of the organization. It helpsin uplifting corporate reputation in relation to the organization. Animal welfare is importantfor H & M Fashion and animal tests are not performed by the organization in relation to the
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