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Suitable ethical codesIt is a formal document which establish the behaviour of the company along with formalpaper mentioning which are shown by the employees who are working in organisation. Thereason for which they are having code of conduct. For defining acceptable behavioursProviding a benchmark to employees so that they can do self-evaluationFor establishment of framework for professional responsibilities and behaviour.Suitable ethical code of conduct are company values, Problem resolution, Standard principle whichare maintained by a professional. Ethical code of conduct is related to values and principles which help in identifying performing activities in the market. The company have to follow all rules and regulations related to health which assist in providing and increasing consumers satisfaction level. if an employee met with an accident then it is the responsibility of the manager to give him compensation and provide some medical facilities. Along with this ethical partnership should be establish with the other companies. All information as well as data should be analysed properly and then this data should be properly communicated so that performance can be improved. Manager of Superdrug have to conduct meetings, sessions etc. so that company have to use appropriate policies.

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