Ethical Communication For Business Assignment

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1ETHICAL COMMUNICATION FOR BUSINESSIntroductionCommunication in a business is the most important aspect of business development andsuccess. There is a direct relation between god and ethical communication within an organizationwhich determines the quality of team work which can be obtained. The following essay is aboutthe importance and dynamics of ethical communication in an organization and its implications inthe business world. The essay discusses about the effective communication in business which ispracticed to maximize the benefits of the organization and to develop a work culture.Communication is the exchange of information between two entities which makes work easierand meaningful.To work in a team the proper method of commination is highly important. Thereare list of rules of communication which are to be complied in different situations.Ethics is the right way to do things. It denotes the most appropriate way ofcommunication in this context. The following essays discusses the types of communicationmethods used for a team work and which is the most correct way to communicate and in whichsituation. Keeping ethics in mind when formulating a communication plan and structure makesthe plan more concrete and well defined. All the communication practices must follow theethical guidelines to make them farfetched and sustainable in the business environment. Theessay also traverses through the needs of ethical practices in the process of communication in thebusiness environment. These needs will justify the importance and significance of ethics incommunication and will portray how ethics is necessary in communication.
2ETHICAL COMMUNICATION FOR BUSINESSCommunication and Team WorkEthics in communication actually refers to the considerations of ethical nature in thepractices of communication. Both the terms “ethics” and “communication” have very differentand subjective meanings when kept in different contexts. The literal meaning of communicationis the exchange of thoughts, information and feelings through the process of speech, behavior,signals or through writing (Aßländer and Gössling 2017). In the same way ethics is defined asthe correct method of doing something, or the principles and guidelines with which the work canbe done. In this context both these definitions of ethics are relevant and when mixed withcommunication it gives a proper structure of practices which are adopted for a team work.There is a lot of scope of induction of ethical practices of communication in a team work.In a team of workers in an organization there are many ethical dilemmas which a worker has toface and those can only be resolved when there is a strong sense of ethics (Bishop and Lee2017). Since a team is comprised of many workers who have different work cultures andethics.In the context of communication there should be certain ethical principles which need tobe kept in mind. These principles may be selecting the best and most ethical practices forinteracting with the team members. It is an ethical practice to listen to the others when they speakand not interrupt them in between. When working in a team a person should not judge the tone ofvoice or the manner of speaking of other team members (Brooks and Manias 2017). Wheneverthere is any discussion in the team, a person should always speak from the perspective of theirown thoughts and experience which appeals to the needs and thoughts of the team.While communicating a person should keep in mind that the conversation should befocused more on understanding than to making a point and to prove themselves right even by
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