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Running Head: Ethical ConsiderationETHICALCONSIDERATION[Document subtitle]
Ethical Consideration1Research MethodologyEthical ConsiderationsDuring conducting the study, different ethical consideration is considered. The first and theforemost important ethical consideration which is followed in this study is the respect towardsthe study participants. It is because participants in the study form a foundation for differentethical principles. On the basis of this ethical consideration, it is the right of the participants to betreated as human beings who have the right to be respected in a significant manner. Generally,participants are not merely a way of collecting required information.Another ethical consideration followed in the study is free will to participate in the interview andinformed consent. Before giving them permission of attending an interview, they have beenasked to fill a particular consent form. This form includes information regarding the motive ofthe study and in what the participation contains. Apart of this, complete freedom is assigned tothem regarding their participation in the study process (E. Smythe, 2000). Moreover, the signedconsent form tells the participants that the researcher wants to record the interview in audio basisand freedom given to them regarding their participation in this process. Furthermore, theauthority of asking the question is also provides to them to ensure the efficiency and accuracy ofthe research. Therefore, it can be said that the researcher respected the decision of everyonewhether they want to participate in the study or not.Another important and significant ethical consideration adopted in the research is privacy,confidentiality, and anonymity. These guided the study in the accomplishment of its objective.The confidentiality and privacy are focused more by the researcher. It is because these are theforemost and prior consideration of researcher. Due to the privacy consideration, the personal
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