Ethical Dilemma Assignment

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Running head: ETHICSEthical DilemmasName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1ETHICSCase study 3The present case is based on the ethical issues cropped up in the workplaces. Ethicsmeans certain rules that are to be maintained by all to avoid certain conflictions. In thepresent case, it has been mentioned that the manager of Courtney had taken all the credits(Beach 2014). Taking the credits for others work is an ethical problem as it is opposed theprinciple of fair treatment or justice. It has been mentioned under the Code of Ethics that theperson who takes credit for the acts of the other, deprives the real performer and violate therules of ethics (Ferrell and Fraedrich 2015).It has been stated byKaren Dillonthat the employee must opposed the misconductand make the manager realise that he has done an unethical work. The employee can talk tothe higher authority regarding the same.Steven Mintzhas stated that taking credit for othersis against the principle of moral justice and therefore, should be dealt with strict hand.Case study 8The case of Harshal is based on the ethical dilemma regarding conflict of interest.The main theme of such ethical dilemma is that there should be two different kinds of issues,one is the primary and the other is secondary. Conflicts between the two occurs when thesecondary interest affects the primary interest and it hampers the decision making power ofthe person. In this case, it has been observed that Harshal has two interests. The first one is tomake a proposal regarding the analysis of skills of 10 employees and the second is to takeinterview as proposed by John, leader of the BA unit. It has been mentioned under the Codeof Ethics that the conflict of interest can exploit the skilled ability of a person or employee forthe corporal benefit (Engelbert, Mozafarpour and Paydary 2014).
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