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Ethical Dilemma Nursing | Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-19

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Ethical Dilemma Nursing | Assignment_1
1NURSING ASSIGNMENT An ethical dilemma is a problem that occurs when an individual tries to decide betweentwo activities but none of them is able to resolve the issue in an appropriate way (Ball et al.,2013). A large number of people are aware of how to keep them healthy when they age. But, amajority of individuals lack knowledge and do not have any information about how to proceedwith it. Advance care planning (ACP) is a process in which the patients, his family members anddoctors and the nursing staff work according to the wishes of their patients. They make sure that,the health care services are delivered to them according to their requirements. This assignmentdemonstrates the significance of using ACP/ACD for individuals who are ageing.Ethics is defined as the values and beliefs possessed by the individuals. It also includesthe code of conduct in any organization by the employees and the workers. There are severalethical principles in ACP/ACD in individuals who are ageing and are at End of Life (EOL).These include Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence and Justice (Lehne & Rosenthal,2014). Autonomy involves respecting the decisions and choice made by the patients by thenursing staff, clinicians and the doctors and working according to them(Daly, Speedy &Jackson, 2017).They should keep in mind that they are also humans and have the right to chooseaccording to their wishes. Non-maleficence means that the nurses should ensure safety of thepatients during providing treatment. They should be pro- active and be responsible towards theirpatients. Beneficience means that the doctors and the nursing staff should be dedicated and mustwork efficiently to provide health care services to their patients (Staunton and Chiarella2016).Justice means that the nurses should not be partial should not discriminate their patients inproviding quality services. It is important to acknowledge and work according to the wishes ofold patients as it forms a major part of ethical care. Decision making at End-of-life care plays asignificant role due to advanced development in healthcare science. The Code of Ethics has been
Ethical Dilemma Nursing | Assignment_2
2NURSING ASSIGNMENT developed in Australia for the nursing profession. The main aim of this code is that the nursesshould provide proper care and affection in order to connect well with the patient. It helps inbuilding trusting relationship with the patient. According to the code of ethics, the nursing staffand doctors should work with empathy and courteousness while providing health services tothem especially old patients (Epstein & Turner, 2015).They should be well competent and shouldhave knowledge about all the nursing techniques in their profession. Advance care planning requires effective communication between the patients, theirfamily members, and their clinicians. It is done efficiently after considering the relationships,culture and background of age old patients. It will play a significant role in deciding appropriatemedical treatment procedure which can be recorded in an advance directive (AD).The mainobjective of using ACP is to make sure that ageing patients receive quality care by following theprinciples of ethics.There has been a significant increase in the need of efficient advance directives(AD).This is because people are living longer but they are not able to lead a life of good quality.They suffer from various health issues and problems as they age and want to go for a medicaltreatment procedure according to their choice. Hence, it is very important for all the patients whoare old to form an AD which will definitely help him or her in taking effective decisions. Thiswill benefit them when they reach a period when they are not able to take proper decisions aboutthemselves. Hence, it becomes important that advanced directives is updated regularly as themedical needs for old aged patients changes with time because it depends on the condition oftheir health (Murray wt al., 2015).
Ethical Dilemma Nursing | Assignment_3

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