Ethical issues and risks involved in wrong termination strategies

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Ethical issues and risks involved in wrong termination strategiesThe process of terminating an employee is actually an indirect powerful message that theorganisation communicates to its remaining employees. As the message could be bothpositive and negative, ethically and morally speaking, the process of termination has to beadopted only whenperformance coachinghas failed.(Heathfield. M, 2016).Termination, if not effected ethically, could in turn give rise to ethical issues likediscrimination claims,retribution for fraudandretaliationfrom the affectedemployee.As an organisation cannot always follow theemployment-at-willprinciple, wrongtermination strategies and disclosure of personality traits of an employee, other thanfraudulent behaviour as reasons for termination would potentially pose the following risksto any organisation:(Jacoby.M , 2015)Upon violation of employee rights, theorganisation can be suedby the estrangedemployee.Trade secrets could be leakedto competitors and company property like mobilephones, credit cards, computer passwords could be lost altogether.Company couldlose its reputation, if the affected employee, discloses theinappropriate termination strategy adopted against him/her in social media networks.As termination in itself would affect the party to concern psychologically, theemployees who continue to work with the organisation, start working under pressure,leading tolow morale and poor performance.While replacing an employee attracts costs, facing legal suits further poses extrafinancial burdenupon the company.
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