Ethical Responsibility Assignment

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Ethical ResponsibilityAlthough legal and economic responsibilities consist of ethical norms, there are otherbehaviors and activities that are not included in law but somehow are expected from businessby society’s members. According to an article1by Archie B. Carroll, he explains that legaland economic responsibilities are requested while ethical responsibilities are expected. Inother words, ethical responsibilities are something that society has expected from businessover and above legal requirements.Corporate Social Responsibility is the effort of a corporation to make positive changeto the customers, employees and society as a whole. The following form of Corporate SocialResponsibility that would be discussed under this chapter is ethical responsibility. Ethicalresponsibility is a responsibility that a company puts on itself believing that it is a right thingto do and not because it is bound by law to do so. It is not activities and practice that arecoded by any written law but it is something the company thinks that it is right to do orsomething considered to be forbidden by the society. Hence, ethical responsibilities are themost difficult amongst other responsibilities for business to deal with.Ethicsare practices that come before the establishing of laws, people practice it foryears because they think that it is necessary and right to do so. Later, ethics become thereason itself for creating laws and regulations. On the other hand, ethical responsibilities canbe considered as those responsibilities including the new values and norms that the societyexpects it to be fulfilled by the enterprise, even if such values and norms can reflect higherperformance standards than those provided by law. The ethical component should beconsidered in a dynamic interaction with legal responsibilities. In other words, the ethicalresponsibility permanently makes the legal responsibility to extend and at the same timeimposes even higher expectations to businessmen in order to act at an even higher level thanthe one imposed by the law2.In recent years, the debate continues as to what is and is not ethical which shows thatethical responsibilities in corporation have clearly been stressed. It is common that manycompany have used animal testing method for the sake of cosmetic, soap and other toiletries.1Archie B Carroll, 'A three-dimensional conceptual model of corporate performance' (1979)<> accessed 03September 2017.2GEORGETA GRIGORE, 'ETHICAL AND PHILANTHROPIC RESPONSIBILITIES IN PRACTICE '<> accessed 03 September 2017.
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