Ethics Essay : Social Media Issues in Society

Added on - May 2020

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Ethics2Essay topic:Social media platforms present dangerous issues for society. They need to beregulated.Introduction:Changes have occurred rapidly in the technology related to information andcommunication from last 20 years, and this key development increase the importance andemergence of social media. These changes are quick in nature, such as development in themobile expertise played very significant part in determining the influence of social media. In allover the world, mobile devices lead in context of total time spent on social media. It provides theways through which people can connect anywhere and with every person they want (SEP, 2015).This essay mainly analyzes the case study available on CNBC from This case study is analyzed by using the different theories of ethics such asutilitarianism, deontology, virtue and contract. Lastly, paper is concluded with brief conclusionwhich also includes the recommendations on this topic.Social Media Platform:A study published by New York Times Consumer Insight Group stated the motivationswhich encourage the participants in sharing the information on social media. This mainly statesthe desires of individual to share the valuable and entertaining content with the other users,define themselves before others, produce and feed their relationships, and also provide support totheir causes and brands.
Ethics3These factors of social media help the users to be in touch with the friends and families,and it also used in such ways which have direct influence on the society. Social media used insuch ways which directly impact the shape of politics, business, world culture, education,careers, innovation, and more (Harris, Lang, Yates & Kruck, 2011; CNBC, 2017).Impact of social media:First period of the 21stCentury, new media technologies related to social networking suchas Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube initiated the transformation in the social, politicaland informational practices of the individuals and social groups across the globe, and it alsoattracts the debate from the community of ethicists and philosophers of technology (Rodgers &Dietz, n.d.).Utilitarianism Theory:Utilitarianism is the idea which determines whether actions are morally right or wrong onthe basis of the effects and results of those actions has. This theory is considered as the mostmoral and influential theories which is developed by the community of ethicists.Platforms of the social media allow the users to post anything they want others to see,and sometimes users also suffer because of their views and posts. Postings of particular users incontext of political views and devout beliefs always fall under the scrutiny and suffer threats orreaction because of their posts. Generally, users also suffer cyber bullying and other things onsocial media and it have a wide range of effects. The behavior of people on social media relatedto unfavorable posts can cause huge disgrace. In context of utilitarianism theory, users must notpost any unfavorable or negative posts on the social media platforms and it should not be posted
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