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Compare and contrast four articles on ethical decision making in organizations and produce a 1000-word critical reflection on the topic.

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Added on  2022-08-16


Compare and contrast four articles on ethical decision making in organizations and produce a 1000-word critical reflection on the topic.

   Added on 2022-08-16

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Ethics and Governance
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Critical Reflection
The ethical consideration and the compliance programs through definition translates
actually into some ethical decision making. The ethical decision making is an approach for
recognizing and then resolving some challenges specifically in the context of business. It actually
occurs in various other contexts and its application needs the awareness along with the sensitivity
towards some ethical issues which may rise and resolve certain issues. I believe that in order to
ensure appropriate examination of the ethical issues, few basic questions can be examined. The
ethical decisions of business also often need a careful discussion among all of the interested
parties. This is quite significant of conducting and evaluating and when it is practiced on a
regular basis, a company and the managers can apply this specific discipline for making some
most important decisions founded on the ethical principles.
According to the author Thomas Jones and Lori Ryan (2015), the proper understanding
of the ethical decision making along with the behaviour in the organizations has been quite
focused on the area of the moral judgement due to the fact that there are many studies done
consisting of the cognitive moral development. The article actually deals with the problem of the
people’ relative lack of the realization in some other human morality through having applied a
developed construct, the moral approbation for illuminating the connection between the moral
action and the moral judgement. In the class and the lectures provided by the supervisor, I have
learnt that ethics is one such practical science which is concentrated on the way people put their
values into some actions. In the form of the models for the moral actions, these are the systems
which help people to criticise about the actions of people. The ethics may further be referred to
as a particular set of values which define a pattern or a group of the decision –making. The moral
decisions are those decisions that are made in a particular way helping the actions or the
inactions conform to the morals of a person. The morals are further the acquired rules of the
behaviours that are properly categorized into the right or the wrong omitting the nuances and the
As a contrast, the article of Dennis Gioia (1992) details all of the personal involvement of
the author during the occurrence of Pinto fire case. The article has first presented the decision
environment within which he had failed in initiating an early recall of the defective vehicle.
There has been provided a cognitive script analysis of his personal experiences that is offered in
the form of the explanation of certain factors which has forwarded towards a decision now seen
in the form of one definitive observation in the unethical corporate behaviour. The primary thesis
is that the script schemas that were guiding the cognition and the action during precluded
consideration of the issues in the ethical conditions since the scripts did not really consist of the
ethical dimensions. I have gathered information on the Pinto fire case and have learnt that the
car’ placement fuel tank had resulted in both the conservative industry practice and the some
uncertain regulatory ambience. Ford had been accused of the knowing everything about the car
along with an unsafe placement of the tank along with the design changes founded on the costs
benefit analysis. I believe this is simply unethical to have poor quality products and produce the
same in more numbers.
Moreover, the Susanne Monahan and Beth Quinn (1998) have examined two such
different cases as the falsification of the architectural internship reports and Abu Gharib prison in
the development of a new-institutional analysis of the deviance in the organization. The authors
have actually argued about the role of organization extending beyond a failure to act such as
prevent, monitor and punish. It is for including the implementation of the formal structures
which makes the individual deviance related to the organizational success. They have also

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