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Ethics And Professional Practice Assignment

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEEthics and Professional PracticeName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEIssue of ConfidentialityConfidentiality is becoming a growing issue in the profession of psychologist. The profession ofpsychologist would not be in existence, if the psychologists are not capable of maintaining theconfidentiality in their therapies. As per my viewpoint, confidentiality is not just about content oftherapy, but also it includes the fact that the client is under the therapy session. For example, ifany client describes abusive behavior towards their children, the therapist is bound to file a reportwith social services. In my opinion, psychologists should discuss with their clients the limitationsof confidentiality in the interests of safety and compliance with the law.Limitations of psychologistsThe patients going through the traumatic life changes are especially unwilling to sharetheir private feelings with others. The professionals are strictly restricted by the state laws toprotect the private information of the patients. However, inexperienced professionals often breakthe laws of confidentiality causing issues to the patients. For example, the inexperiencedprofessionals often share the private information of the patients over the voicemail, which canlead to the confidentiality issue for them.Reputation of the professionAs per my research, a good reputation is harder to build than to destroy. Building a goodreputation needs efforts, time and patience. Therefore, psychologists behave ethically with theirclients and maintain the reputation of their profession.According to me, being loyal to one’sown profession will always result in great success or otherwise it leads to issues with theirreputation.
2ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICETrouble faced by inexperience psychologistsBased on my valuable learning, inexperience psychologists are bound to face trouble andhassles in their profession at the beginning. Age and experience plays a factor in the starting of aprofession. Clients tend to accuse inexperience psychologists if they are not satisfied with thesolution. This also leads to legal trouble at times. In such situations, it becomes difficult for themto balance.For example, many inexperienced psychologists in Malta have been alleged by thestate law for their issues with confidentiality. It has severely hampered their reputation in theirprofessional field.Media IssuesAfter an extensive research, I found that we have become more dependent on technology.Malta is also developing and hence more training on e-therapy is needed. Psychologists do notmake public views or statements about their activities that are not true or fraudulent.Forexample, in Malta, psychologists use TV, radio and other media channels for educating theconfidentiality of the profession.The State Psychology Boards and the AssociationsIn my opinion, the Board of Malta Psychology profession has an essential responsibilitywhere the Board decides seeing that one has the right requirements and needs to check on theapplicant’s skills and if he is mentally adequate. According to me, the board should keep an eyeon the new applicant’s eligibility.
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