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Running head: ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEEthics and Professional PracticeName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEIntroductionThe ethical practices are very much significant things in the modern day organizationsand other fields. The organizations always follow some ethical frameworks that should beaccording to the ethical frameworks set up by the hierarchy management. Some significantthings should always be kept in mind by the people who have to practice these ethicalframeworks properly. The moral principles will have to be maintained properly indeed. Some ofthe important things related to ethics are the respect for the autonomy, non-maleficence,beneficence and justice. The organizations and their managers have to maintain these ethicsproperly so that they can provide the best services to their clients in due time. The ethicalframeworks will have to be maintained in the professional practices for the all the sectors(Robichaux 2012).The members of the organizations and other institutions should alwayscomply with the ethical frameworks in their respective professional practices. It is a knownfactor that all the service providers should always comply with the ethical frameworks properly.The professional practitioners are liable to provide the best services to their clients all the timeand the clients should always trust the practitioners as well. They should provide the best worksaccording to the professional standards and the work should always be competence based.Ethical frameworksThe ethical frameworks for the professional practice go through some important thingslike the respect for the autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice (Faden et al. 2013).These four principles are considered to be the basic principles for the medical professionalpractice. These issues are considered to be the basic pillars of the moral and ethical life. Theethical decision making can be influenced by these frameworks as well (Banks et al. 2013).
2ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEThe first point deals with the respect for autonomy or the persons (Holmes 2016).Thispoint says that all the human beings will have to be respected and their individual choices willhave to be given the first priority in all the cases. They can hold some essential views about allthe things. They should also be free to take the proper actions according to their core set ofbeliefs. They will take these decisions as their values and beliefs dictate them (Hans, VanHoudenhoven and Hulshof 2012).The second point is about the non-malificence or doing no harm to the individuals.According to this point, any individual should not do any harm to any other individualintentionally. It has to be understood from the medical ethics that any doctor should first keep inmind that they should not do any harm to any patient or any other people (Timimi 2012).According to the third framework, beneficence should be taken as one of the mostimportant aspects that says the medical practitioners should always provide the proper assistanceor benefits to the needy persons. They should also make positive contributions to the welfare ofthese people. They should also always do some actions that should be beneficial for the people inneed (Kelleher 2014).The fourth framework is about the importance of justice. This says that all the peopleshould be treated equally. No discriminations should be made between them. This will createequality among the people. All the benefits should be distributed to all the people in the fairamount as well (Rhodes, Battin and Silvers 2012).Major contributions of this frameworkThis framework always describes the philosophies or the principles that are essential forthe American life. This framework can familiar to most of the people in many aspects. This is
3ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEnot according to the philosophical terms but it is very important from the medical perspectives aswell. This framework can be compared from the aspect of the duty-based and outcome-basedtheories properly (Rhodes, Battin and Silvers 2012)The two issues like respect for autonomyand justice are duty-based but the non-maleficence and beneficence can be considered as theoutcome-based theories. This framework always provides the most useful guidelines accordingto which the actions could be taken. This framework can also be considered as an approach thatis very much compatible with the general bioethical approach and the ethical approach related toclinical practice. This framework will have to be flexible. The people will have to response to allthe situations.Issues and challengesThis framework has some issues like this lacks the proper moral theory that has someunifying quality. This unifying quality is indeed very important to bring all the principlestogether and provide the proper guideline (Rhodes, Battin and Silvers 2012)Many conflicts canarise during the implementation of this framework. However, no decision making tools havebeen specified here in order to resolve these conflicts. It is indeed very difficult to maintain abalance between all these principles. The matter of autonomy is different in different cultures. Insome this talks about the individual autonomy but in some cases this talks about the collective orfamily or community autonomy.Informed consentInformed consent is one of the most important things in the medical ethics or professionalpractice. This aspect deals with the fact that the doctors will give information about a particularprocess of treatment for some disease (Faden, Beauchamp and Kass 2014).After the patients
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