(PDF) Moral values, ethics and philosophy

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EthicsEthics stand for the moral values which a person has for the society. They are in context with what thesurroundings and the society feels is right regarding something. Hence, ethics are the code of conductwhich a person has to follow or he feels right and what he plans to do for the people in the society.For me, following what is right to do in the society, or doing what is acceptable by the people issomething what I plan to do in the society- something which I find is morally right in the society.According to me the nature of code of conduct is simple- following what is right in the eyes of thesociety[ CITATION Gre01 \l 1033 ]. The purpose of the code of conduct is that everybody does thingwithin the given frame and none crosses that line, which if done is punishable in the eyes of law andwhich for me is right as it does not give unlimited power to the people to exploit whoever they desire.For me there are certain social values which a person should imbibe, which makes someone good. Theyare-Respect for the people.Professional integrity.Social justice for everyone.Ethical practice increases the value and the image of the individual as well as of the organization is theeyes of the society as it not only makes the person seems to be socially oriented towards the society butalso is seemed to be morally right to everyone[ CITATION Bot15 \l 1033 ]. Ethically made decisions arealways right and are accepted by the large number of the people in the organization.Ethical practices and responsibilities can be bifurcated under various heads like the responsibilitiestowards clients, colleagues, at the workplace and the general ethical responsibilities. Under the generalethical responsibilities, according to me, the person should respect the dignity of the other people andshould be committed to the social justice and sensitive practice[ CITATION Fli13 \l 1033 ]. I also thinkthatbeing an ethical person has helped me to keep professional and dual relationships at bay andresolve the conflicts and be committed to the social rights of the people. I have also become responsibletowards my clients and because of the ethical code of conduct I have understood the interest of theclients and what they are determined about. I have understood the privacy and confidentiality and thatthere should be consent of the people[ CITATION Sch02 \l 1033 ].Being working in the ethical society under a code of conduct I have learnt the responsibilities towardsmy colleagues that how we should all work together in harmony to achieve the goals of the companyand work towards its increased profits. There should not be any kind of self- hatred among people.Responsibilities towards service provision and management are something also what I have learnt.
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