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Ethics in Human services3.1 Why do some people argue that morality is only possible if basedon belief in God or a higher being?What are the arguments againstthis position?Morality is linked to the diversity and ethics. All are dependent on the God.Morality and the moral lifeare usually linked to the God, as the God is considered as the morally good creator of the universe. Due tothe set belief, it has penetrated into the moral life of the person. It is conscious which makes us fearfuland wise, due to being punished as per the belief of the God. All this moral and the moral life is based onthe belief due to the religion. The religion preaches the moral life and considers not abiding, to bepunished by the God. People attribute morality due to their belief in the God which governs theirconscious,behaviorandtheirmindsets.3.2 What are the arguments against this position?The moral arguments are the existence of the God of the diverse family of the argument.It is an issuewhich been dealt with the is afavorof the religious arguments upon which the moralarguments exist. While it is considered the moral arguments are theoretical in nature the other partconsider as a secular in accounts. it's a rational belief and the practical arguments may have a strategizetheoretical dimensions. The goals of the arguments are dependent on the existence of the God. It isviewed as thesis arguments which can have philosophical arguments on account of the forming a logic toreach the standards. Arguments suggest that there is a belief in the God which can people somereasonable. It is positioned upon the God’s existence as an evidence.3.3 Many human services and youth work agencies are operated byreligious organizations.What are the potential ethical difficultiesthat arise when workers’ ethics are informed by theirreligiousbelief? How can the difficulties be avoided?The ethics are self-consciousness upon which the human services and youth work agencies would like tohelp the community. When there is a religious belief, it can bring a set pattern learning and the ideologieswhich can penetrate into the behavior and the attitudes of the human services and the youth work
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