Evaluating Secondary Data with Australian Tourism

Added on - Apr 2020

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Running head: EVALUATING SECONDARY DATA WITH AUSTRALIAN TOURISMEvaluating secondary data with Australian tourismName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1EVALUATING SECONDARY DATA WITH AUSTRALIAN TOURISMEvaluation of Secondary Data Sources –Secondary data are the data, which have beenalready collected by the person or organization other than the researcher (Johnston, 2017). Thesedata are easily and inexpensively available from the journals, books, government publicationsthrough internet. However, it is important for the researcher to evaluate the secondary databefore using it in his or her research work, in order to ensure its validity and accuracy.Criteriafor evaluating secondary data sources are mentioned below (Cope, 2014).Specifications– A secondary data set, which is valid, reliable and generalize able for theresearch work will be considered as a good secondary data.Error– Assessing a data set by comparing it from different source is necessary forevaluation. It will reduce the both primary and secondary errors.Currency– Frequency and time lag need to be considered while evaluating a data set. Adata set that updates within minimal time interval will be considered as a good source ofsecondary data.Objectives– For a project, relevant secondary is necessary. Thus, if a data set used bythe researcher fits all the requirement of the project, then it can be considered as a good source ofdata.Nature– A secondary data will be considered as a good data source, if it can bereconfigured to increase the usefulness.Dependability– It is good to obtain secondary data from an authentic and crediblesource so that the researcher can depend on it.
2EVALUATING SECONDARY DATA WITH AUSTRALIAN TOURISMExamples– As a source of secondary data, websites likeAustralian Bureau of Statisticscan be used because it fits with all the above-mentioned criteria of evaluation. Being thegovernment publication, it is dependable, and using the key words, it can be customized for thedifferent purpose.Another source of secondary data is structured or semi-structured interviews,observations and surveys. Unlike the previous example, these can be biased depending upon themotive of the researcher; however, the chances of errors are low in these cases.Current Tourism market of Australia-The tourism industry of Australia provides asignificant contribution towards the overall employment and economic activity of the country.With rise in domestic and international tourists, tourism industry of Australia has been growingat a large scale since 2009 (Ruhanen, Mclennan & Moyle, 2013).Figure 1: Growth in domestic and international visitorsSource: (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014)
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