Group Dynamics Assignment: Evaluation and Reflection

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Running head:EVALUATION AND REFLECTIONEvaluation and ReflectionName of StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1EVALUATION AND REFLECTIONIntroductionThe group dynamics is considered as a system of behaviors as well as psychologicalprocesses which takes place within a group or between different social groups (Forsyth 2018). Irealize the fact that the group dynamics is an important activity for doing the group projects in aneffective manner. The group dynamics are important for understanding effecting decisionmaking pattern in the team. They are also important for allowing the popularity of new ideas aswell as techniques in the group project. There are three important applications in the field ofgroup dynamics and team cohesion such as personal, leadership and environmental (Levi 2015).This reflective essay would analyze my positive experiences as well as negative experienceswhile working on the group project.ReflectionThe interpersonal skills are important for being successful in group project. They indicatehow people tend to communicate as well as interact with other people working in the sameproject (Hackett and Parker 2016). It is observed that the people with a high degree ofinterpersonal skills are usually more successful in their lives. I have realized the fact that I needtime to mix well with people. It is not true that I lack communication skills and I stammer whilespeaking. But, I am shy and I am unable to approach people first. I have taken theMBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test and found out that I display theINTP- T personality(Refer toAppendix). INTP stands forIntroversion,Intuition,ThinkingandPerceiving. I have all thecharacteristics of INTP and have seen their evidences in real life.I have seen that while I was doing the project on the “Likely Impact of Brexit on futureUEFA Champions League Rights Deal, amidst increasing choice about how to distribute
2EVALUATION AND REFLECTIONcontent” I communicated effectively with the team but was unable to keep my point in front ofothers. There were some group members who were loud and rude. I cannot be rude to people andalso I am not being able to shout at the top of my voices. Hence, I found difficult to express myviewpoint at times. I have felt that there are times when I needed to express my viewpoint butwere unable to do so.I felt sometimes that I am being overpowered by the other team membersand this caused anger in me. However, I was not being able to do anything to change mysituation. I have found out that when there were one or two group members, I was able to expressmy views. But, when there were more people, I found it difficult to communicate. In suchsituations, I found that I kept silent and listened to others. This makes me realize that I displaysome characteristics ofintroversionin my behavior.I have anintuitivenature, which indicates that I have the ability of knowing somethingwithout any reasoning process or any other direct process. When we were doing the group work,one of the team members were getting romantically involved with a girl and I had the feeling thatthis would ruin our project. This exactly happened as the member gave most of his time to hispartner and gave least time to work. On the end, he decided to marry all of a sudden and thisruined our project completely. He was unable to complete his part and hence we had the burdenof completing our own portions along with his portion. This created huge burden for us andhence the quality of the project dropped.I do excessivethinkingat times, which hampers my work. I tend to get away by myemotions and hence I tend to waste a lot of time in this process. I usually day dream a lot and tryto think a lot about any incidents or situations that have arisen. In this process, I have realizedthat my productivity tends to decrease and I am unable to submit my work on time. This hasresulted in a decrease in the quality of my project and there were times when my team members
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