Evaluation of the Occupational Health and Safety

Added on - Apr 2020

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Part B: AgendaEvaluation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Policy for Jobin HopkinsWHS Action PlanThe Jobin Hopkins OHS Inspection ChecklistWHS Inspection List Action PlanMinutes of MeetingThe team went over the review results and discussed each section/ areaThe Jobin Hopkins OHSMS was evaluated based on the criteria provided by the OHSMSAustralian Standard 4801 and established that compliance was achieved in most areas; however,improvements needed in certain aspects, especially reportingAn action plan was developed based on the WHS reviews and roles assigned to the teammembersAudit ReportHaving done the evaluation, the results show that Jobin Hopkins meets most of the requirementsfor the OHSMS Australian Standard 4801; they have a policy signed and supported by the CEO.However, despite meeting most requirements, there are areas where improvements are required,such as in planning where legal information is not effectively communicated to employees.Improvements needed in the communication of objectives and targets, record keeping, as well asaccountability areas.Reporting of the OHSMs is an area that needs a lot of improvement by the organization;reporting on incidents and system failures, hazard identification, and risk assessment has notbeen done well and needs to be improved.In risk control, improvements are due in using elimination as the first measure of control to beconsidered for risks and hazards
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