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Evaluation of Online & Physical Store

Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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Running head: EVALUATION OF ONLINE AND PHYSICAL STOREEvaluation of online and physical storeName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1EVALUATION OF ONLINE AND PHYSICAL STORETo: The CEO (Silk Road furnishing)From: (TO BE FILLED BY STUDENT)Date: 23/09/2017Sub: Effectiveness of offline and online shopDear Sir,In reference to your request of evaluating the effectiveness of the online and offlinestores, I have conducted an observation survey in Coles. Coles is being selected due to the reasonthat they have the presence in both online and offline retailing and they are operating iteffectively. The research was being designed in such a way that it has denoted the advantagesbeing possessed from both the online and physical store. I have also shortlisted the activities thatthey have designed specifically for the online and physical stores. The research is been done byvisiting the store of Coles and observing the trend in their online marketplace.In the initial stage of their operation in Melbourne and Sydney, Coles started with theirphysical store only. It helped them to cater to the customers effectively. It is been observed that,providing service from their physical store helped them in determining the requirement of thecustomers effectively. Providing of effective customer service through the salesperson is onlybeing applicable in the case of physical stores. Thus, the customers tend to have favorableimpression about the brand. This is not applicable in the case of online stores. Thus, Colesinitiated their physical stores in the initial stage of their operation. It helped them in generatingthe initial brand equity from the market. Afterwards, they came up with the online store to extend
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