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Evaluation Of Source : Assignment

Added on - 06 Jan 2020

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SOURCE EVALUATION CHECKLISTEnter full source reference here:Chaminade, C. and De Fuentes, C., 2012. Competences as drivers and enablers of globalization ofinnovation: the Swedish ICT industry and emerging economies.Innovation and Development.2(2).pp.209-229.CREDIBILITY:Are there any credentials listed for the author/s? YES /NOIs the author established?YES/ NO / DON’T KNOWIs the publisher scholarly and/or the publication peer reviewed?YES/ NOBased on this information about the author/s and publisher, how would you evaluate the credibilityof the source? In what ways might this matter? How would it influence your decision whether or notto use this source and why?For evaluating the credibility of source, journal name will be reviewed. Further, its date ofpublication will be checked in order to assess its relevancy to subject matter. In case, if publisher ismissing and source is also not recent than validity of the source is questioned. Due to this, decisionof not choosing the same will be taken._________________________________________________________________________________Where did you find/ find out about this source?From Google ScholarHow might this influence your decision as to whether or not it is credible?It is credible as source is recent and is also accessed from vast library of GoogleCURRENCY:How recently was the source published/updated? 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 /4/ 5 / 6 – 9 / 10+ years agoConsidering the focus of the source, do you think it is current or out of date?CurrentHow would you evaluate the impact of the currency of this particular source on the extent to whichyou might make use of it in your academic work?
Since, this source is published 4 years ago only, therefore it would certainly carriers up to dateinformation and hence I will be using is for the academic work._________________________________________________________________________________POINT OF VIEW (PERSPECTIVE) OR BIAS:What was the purpose/intention of this source? To inform /persuade/ entertain /PersuadeDoes the author explicitly state / acknowledge their bias or perspective? YES /NOIs it easy to differentiate between the author’s point of view and ideas or claims that are supportedbeyond the author’s point of view? YES /NOGiven what you have identified about the perspective/bias in this source, how would you evaluate theimpact this might have on your decision to use this source and on the way that you might choose touse it?If the source is biased then same will be used by comparing the facts from other peer reviewed articleas well.ACCURACY:Is information presented as factual supported with citations?YES/ NOIs there a references list, in which the citations all match with the relevant reference?YES/ NOIs the source correct in its grammar and spelling, and free from typos?YES/ NOHow do your responses to the above 3 questions influence the extent to which you trust what thissource is telling you? (Why do they influence you in this way?)Since, all information are offered with valid references, therefore it developed trust.
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