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Evaluation of Vibration Analysis Tools Assignment

Added on - 01 Apr 2020

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Running head: DIFFERENT WRITING TASKS.1QuestionnaireName:Institution:Course code
Running head: DIFFERENT WRITING TASKS.21. Compose an annotation for an annotated bibliography based on Reading A, C, or D.Aimee Lalime states that while evaluating the static and dynamic integrity of the trussstructure. It was found that a good method to find the natural frequency system that hassurpassed the finite element method is the Lissajou method. It is seen the HP analyzer was notapproved because it was too expensive for small accuracy improvement. The evaluation ofvibration analysis tool shows the strain gauges and indicators were not good because they neededa lot of time to get results. For the system to measure member stresses, FEPC was stronger to thestrain gauge. It was also accurate in expensive and easy to use. She recommended the Lissajoumethod while using the FEPC on stress determination for truss members in the future.2. Plagiarism case study: student A submitted a paper that was entirely composed of copiedmaterial from a Wikipedia entry and a website written by a non-scholar about the topic Irequested. Why were student A’s actions wrong? How might they have affected his grade?Students A’s actions were very wrong because copied work does not rake in some great grades.This is mostly because the work will not be original and it shows that the student does notunderstand the topic. Direct copying and pasting also show signs of laziness from student A. Thestudent’s grades will be highly affected because the paper will not show what she has learned.The grade will definitely be bad too because she cannot be graded on copied work. The students’actions are a show of non-commitment and lack of seriousness. The student should have justworked on the paper without plagiarism. Plagiarism is always taken very seriously and couldeven attract more fines apart from the bad grade. (Viper, 2017)
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