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Task 3:Paid search marketing refers to the advertising the company to thesponsored listings of the search engines by paying them every time whensome clicks on the ad hyperlink. This is called pay per click (Armstrong,Kotler, Harker and Brennan, 2015). For instance, if the user is searching forchocolate and the first link that is showing on Google is of amazon thatmeans amazon is paying high for this key phrase. Evaluation of paid search marketing:Keyword evaluationAd copy: Landing page optimisationBid selection and budgetTracking results(Scott, 2015).Strength of PPC:It is targeted and relevant: It is the very much targeted tool to be use by thecompanies. This is because the company is paying only for the customerswho are actively looking for the products and the services of the company.Cost effective: As the company is paying only for the relevant customersthus PPC is considered as very cost effective for the company (Cader andTenaiji, 2013). The company does not have to pay for advertising theproducts and services to the irrelevant market.
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PPC is measurable: it has been analysed that the conversion rate from PPCis also very high as compared to any other tool of marketing and this can bemeasured as well (Chang, Yu and Lu, 2015).Immediate: It is immediate in nature and can be counted immediately. Thecompany can get the feedbacks and the results of their positioning in themarket as well as the popularity of the firm I the customers. Tools for paid search marketing:Following are some of the tools that can be used by the Amazon in order tohave better PPC.Competitor research via Google:Research keywords: It is the most important activity that needs to beconducted by amazon (Filva, Guerrero and Forment, 2014). It isrequired by the company to ensure that the keyword that are usedby the company have commercial intent.Search for alternative keyword idea: It is required by Amazon to lookfor some alternative keyword ideas so that the customers can easilyreach the company by the suggested keywords by Google (Banerjeeand Choudhary, 2017).Analysis of ads, landing pages and copy that are used by thecompetitors such as eBay, Alibaba, Jabong etc.Competitor research via other tools:
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There are several tools that are available in the market to analyse thepractices of competitors and their position. Some of the tools that can beused by Amazon are:iSpionagespyFukeywordSpywhatRunsWherePPC campaigning:Scheduling: It is the step at which amazon needs to arrange the activitiesand optimize the work in reaction to digital marketing of the company(Andrykovich, Wisniewski and Swift, 2014). Display Network: it is the phase where the ads are being made to generatethe demand. It is not for attracting the customers bit it for creating theawareness of the company or the products amongst the customers. Remarketing: it is the step that helps the company to publicise its website.Amazon needs to collaborate with the partner sites in order to makemarketing ads on those sites so that the people surfing that site will reachto the amazon site after that.Settings: that is several PPC settings that can help the company to achievehigh success in the areaSearch partners: these are the other search engines that can help thecompany advertiser its website.
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