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Running head: EVALUATION AND REFLECTIONEvaluation and reflectionName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2EVALUATION AND REFLECTIONOne of the important group projects that I have been able to be a part of was the SpotlightProject. It was basically a group work o where we wanted to build a tin dog as an entrancestatement for the town (Willgerodt et al., 2015). We actively participated to in the task and wewanted the passerby’s to stop on the highway and visit our community to see our village.Another important group work that I have been a part of is that of the GOATS, where I sawabout 40 bands coming and performing live on the stage in an environment that is free from allkinds of illegal activities like taking of drugs and alcohols (Willgerodt et al., 2015). Anotherimportant group work that has been very much helpful and memorable for me is that of theChIPS (Morgan & Stewart 2017). This is a very good endeavor that is made by the society inorder to help the young generation of the country aging between 12-25 years of age who aresuffering from some or the other kind of sicknesses. This program generally aims at helpingthem to fight with their disabilities, by giving them the moral and emotional support, and also byhelping them to regain their lost confidence. However, there was one problem that existed in thisparticular group work that is the ChIPS.Usually there are many different levels or stages involved in the formation of any andevery group. These stages are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. A groupis usually a cluster f many different people. I have seen that there are often many disputes thattake place between the group members. This is because all are having a different thought processand a different kind of mindset. Often there are clashes among the opinions and objectives of allthe group members (Owen et al., 2014).One of the problems that I encountered was in the ChIPs. There were healthprofessionals that often visited the group in order to see the progress and according to them, that
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