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Running head: EVENT MANAGEMENTArticle review on Sports eventsName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1EVENT MANAGEMENTSummaryThe articles speculate the true nature of the sports events, in which the indigenoustribes of Australia indulge. The subtitle, “more than just a game” reflects that the sportsevents are an opportunity to these tribes to show how they are closely knot. Unity among thetribes is a cultural heritage to portray. The Annual Sports and Cultural Festival of Brisbanehas been referred for enhancing the clarity of the readers regarding the close bonding to thetribal people to preserve the sanctity of their culture (Ruhanen & Whitford, 2011).Commercialization of these sports events has escalated the profit margin of the eventmanagement companies. On the other hand, commercializing the sports events of the tribalcommunity, acts as interplay with the tribal culture of Australia. The methodologicalapproach has been shown, where interview is conducted on the stakeholders. Analysis of theresponses of the interviewees brings into the discussion the analysts, one of the otherdisciplines. Calculations relates to the field of statistical analysis. Conclusions andimplications imply how the sports events can be used to promoting the Australian culture tothe foreign countries (Ruhanen & Whitford, 2011).Application of the disciplines in the researchThe social discipline has been portrayed through the reflection of the vibrant colours,which the tribal areas of Australia assume during the sport events. In this reflection, theenthusiasm and close knit unity of the tribal people is mixed, which results in the promotionof cultural heritage. The agents behind this promotion are the event managers, who exposethese tribes to the urban people. Interviewing the tribes and the stakeholders has enabled theevent managers to delve deep into personal life of the tribal people during the preparation ofthe sports event. Viewing it from the other perspective, interviewing the tribals is an attemptof the researchers to improve the standards and quality of their lifestyle (Masterman, 2014).
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