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Running head: EVENT MANAGEMENTEvent ManagementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1EVENT MANAGEMENTIntroductionEvents held in any place largely affect the place both positively and negatively. Eventsalways do not play a constructive role in the regional development of any particular place. Eventindustry has also been affecting the regional development adversely. The essay will discussrange of events that takes place in Melbourne, the capital of Northern Territory, Australia.Events are planned public and social occasion. Event industry consists of companies that manageand organize events. Events have become a very significant part of any city or region. Whetherthe city is big or small, events are organized. These events can be festivals, conferences,weddings, parties, conventions, sports and concerts. Wherever events are organized, a number ofresources are required. Support of local people is needed to make the events successful. Localpeople and communities have a lot to contribute towards event. Events also contribute towardsthe development of the region. Events can be classified into, Hallmark, mega, sports, social andcultural events. The essay will focus on the range of events taking place in Melbourne city.DiscussionMelbourne is situated on Timor Sea. Thetotal population of Melbourne is 4,725,316.Melbourne has a huge cultural and ethnic diversity. The scenic beauty of the place makes it agood location for the organizers of various events (Ruhanen and Whitford 2014). Tourism is oneof the two economic sectors of the city the other being mining. Tourism employs 8 percent of thepopulation of the city.Range of events in MelbourneMega event- Mega events include expos, political summits, conventions and festivals. Itincludes sports events like, Rugby World Cup, Football Super bowl, Tennis Grand slam and
2EVENT MANAGEMENTNetball World championships. It is not always the number of the audience or public gatheringthat determines whether an event is mega or not (Kim, Boo and Kim 2013). The significance ofthe events also determines whether it is a mega or regular event. Some of the examples of Megafestivals of Melbourne are given belowAlexandra event- An upcoming mega event that is to be held in Melbourne is Alexandraevent 2017. It is the third time the event has been held in Melbourne. Lot of adventure activitiesare available for the visitors. Geocaching Melbourne provides customers with excitingexperiences that ranges from 4WD geocaches to kayaking on the Eildon, tree climbs and walks.Significance of this event is it provides employment opportunities destination appreciation.Melbourne music week is another mega event that will be held in the city for nine days. Itwill be held in Melbourne town hall, the steps of the parliament house, the state library,federation square and MP pavilion. It will be organized at almost every places of the city(Hamilton, Tee and Prideaux 2015). It makes the people aware of the wide range of music genresof regional and global music and hence this event is significant.Social events-Melbourne cup carnival- This is another mega event of Melbourne. It isone of the best events held in Melbourne as it provides experiences like, racing, entertainment,fashion, culture, food.Melbourne festival- It is a social event that is organized in Melbourne every year. It is aninternational arts festival which includes theatre, arts, circus, music and visual arts. It also consistsome of the outdoor and free events (Visit Victoria home. 2017). It promotes social interactionand inclusion helps in cultural development
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