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Running head:EVENT MANAGEMENTEVENT MANAGEMENTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
EVENT MANAGEMENT1An event can be referred to any organized public activities that is held in the open area orvenue. Number of people are engaged in an event. In short, an event can be denoted as the publicassembly for a purpose of celebration, marketing, education, entertainment or reunion. There areseveral types of events held in a region according to the background and purpose of the activitiesresponsible for the events. The major types are:Hallmark eventsare internationally or nationally recognized events for which peoplecome from different destination outside the city. For example, Australia vs England NetballMatch can be identified as the Hallmark events. An event is considered as themega eventswhenthere are minimum 500 participants from both national and international background. Herald SunTour and Mother’s Day Classic are some of the examples of mega events.Business eventsareorganized by event coordinator, committee or external event management company and also theparticipants are from outside the region. For example, Rotary Conference and Car Rallies aresome of the business events.Community Eventsare another events that held in a region by various communities.There are diverse communities in a region and community events are the social practice of thesecommunities. Community fun run or any significant community practice are some of theexample of community events.Cultural eventsare those which are held to entertain people andpresent cultural activities. In any region, the cultural events happen regularly in a region. Forexample, Australia Day and Dahlia and Arts Festival can be mentioned as the significant culturalevents.Sports Eventsare another types of events held in a region. Sports events are arranged onvarious sports based on competition. In this events people come both from inside and outside theregion according to the events. Australia vs England cricket match can be marked as a fineexample of sports events.
EVENT MANAGEMENT2Considering the fact of significance of the event industry on the region is based on theattraction and engagement of the people in the events. The significance of the events industry lieson the tourism in terms of attracting more people into the chosen location. In other way, thetourism industry is commenced and partially dependent on the event industry in terms ofeffectiveness of the same on the former. On the other hand, the influence of events on thespecific location is huge and deep and can be assessed both directly and indirectly. In regard tothe same, the impact of event industry on its host location can be distinguished directly andindirectly.In order to evaluate the significance of the events industry on the host location, it can beidentified that the same influences both the people and the context. The initial significance canbe assessed from the enhancement of the tourism industry of the host location. The eventindustry signifies the economic and cultural development of the host location with the gradualand consistent attraction of the people towards the various events. On the other side, the eventsindustry is also influenced by various factors and vice versa. To be broad,economicalbackground off the host location, social structure, cultural acceptanceof the events by thepeople of the regions are the primary and major forces that influence the growth of the eventsindustry on the esteemed location (Ferdinand and Kitchin 2012).Considering the above mentioned factors critically in a reverse way it can be found thatthe events industry impacts on the host location with the effectiveness and influential aspects ofthese same factors. For example, various events are capable of attracting people from within andoutside the region which will increase the demand of the tourist industry in the certain locationwhich will economically develop the region. On the other hand, the attractive and diverse events
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