Event Management for Toyota Hybrid Cruiser Launch

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This article discusses the event management plan for the launch of Toyota Hybrid Cruiser, focusing on the safety message of Toyota. It also covers logistical challenges, risk management plan, and the importance of team management.

Event Management for Toyota Hybrid Cruiser Launch

   Added on 2023-06-05

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Toyota is a car manufacturing company, which has its headquarters in Japan. Toyota has
364445 employees worldwide and is the fifth largest company in the world in terms of revenue.
Toyota is also the second largest manufacturer of automobiles.
Toyota’s current branding message is “Safety for everyone”. In the latest marketing
event, Toyota is putting a safety message at the forefront highlighting the importance of safety,
wherein everybody has the right to “Arrive safely.” The campaign centers on Toyota “Safety
sense.” The message that one would like to portray is the paramount importance that is attached
to safety by Toyota in all its vehicles. Toyota aims for a society that has no traffic accident
casualties. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, 1.24 million
people in the world die of road accidents each year. The eighth leading cause of death is death
caused by road accidents. Even though deaths caused by road accidents has decreased in Japan,
Europe and North America over the last couple of years, it has been increasing in developing
countries where there is a lack of proper education on traffic rules and regulations. Toyota
recognizes People, Vehicles and Traffic Environment to be the three pillars and its ultimate goal
is zero casualties from traffic accidents (Ryan, 2016).
Toyota is addressing measures of traffic safety in order to completely eliminate death
caused by traffic accidents. Toyota, in trying to prevent deaths and accidents from occurring due
to traffic accidents has been conducting activities and spreading knowledge since 1960s to
educate drivers and pedestrians regarding safety measures that can be adopted in order to prevent
death from accidents. Toyota offers lectures on the importance of driving safely to drivers and
also conducts activities focusing on traffic safety education for children studying in kindergarten,
children studying in nursery and also for teenagers. Other educational activities conducted by
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Toyota include ‘Hands-on Traffic Safety Events’ and the ‘Toyota Traffic Safety Campaign’
which have been held for the masses.
The safety features of the Toyota Hybrid Cruiser include Side Impact Beams, Safety
Connect emergency, Front and Rear Parking, Blind Spot Sensors, Rear collision, Lane Departure
Warning and Pressure Warning among others. The Toyota Hybrid also comes with airbags.
These include driver plus passenger units, side, curtain bags and knee airbag. This ensures
optimum safety. The car features an Antilock braking system, which provides a world of safety
to one’s driving experience, and it effectively avoids skids as well. The Vehicle Stability Control
feature of the car helps one to avoid side skids and loss of control on steep curves (Fearing et al.
Thus the Toyota Launch festival, with a festival theme, would be graced by several
renowned musical artists, several eminent personalities and a host of VIPs. The senior staff
members of the company will be present as well as the members of the head office in Japan
along with their families.
Since the focus of Toyota’s current branding message is ‘Safety for Everyone’ nursing
homes and other healthcare institutes can be roped in to sponsor this event. In addition, tyre
manufacturers like MRF Tyres can be roped in to sponsor this event, along with several
petroleum companies and also health drinks.
Car manufacturers, instead of shipping cars to the overseas market, ship components of
vehicles. The vehicle components are then put together on the site, in local plants, which
manufactures automobiles. The reason behind this is, import duties for the car components are
often lower than finished cars and the import duties on parts occupy less freight volume reducing
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