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1EVIDENCE BASED NURSING RESEARCHIntroductionCritical appraisal is an important process to implement evidence based practice.Critical appraisal skill can help a person to evaluate the effectiveness of a research studyand the judge the article for applicability in real setting (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2017).In case of health care studies, reviewing the quality of clinical research is necessary toascertain its validity, credibility and generalizability for real setting or target group(Holloway & Galvin 2016). The process of critical appraisal is the systematic process tojudge the trustworthiness, value and relevance of the evidence in a particular context(Elwood, 2017). This essay paper is mainly concerned at looking at the evidence regardingthe issue of low back pain in nurses and it mainly aims to critically appraise the article byAbedini et al., (2014) to understand the strength and weakness of the article in presentingthe findings. The CASP (Critical Appraisal Skills Programme) tool for qualitative researcharticle has been used to critically appraise the article and find its utility in evidence basedpractice.Critical appraisal of qualitative research articleStatement of the aim of research The main aim of the research study by Abedini et al., (2014) was to examine therisk perceptions of non-specific low back pain (LBP) among nurses in Bandar Abbas City,Southern Iran. Research in this area was considered important because LBP has become aserious health issue among nurse and it is the main reason for absenteeism at work. Theissue has been found to increase risk of chronic disease among nurses as well as increase
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2EVIDENCE BASED NURSING RESEARCHthe burden of the health care system (Traeger et al., 2014). This research is considereduseful because it focuses on getting better understanding about nurse’s perception related toLBP and this knowledge will prove useful to effectively implement interventions fornurses. Different perception of pain and individualized experience may help to determinehow pain education or other interventional program can be implemented for nurses. Thestudy is found relevant to address performance related challenges for nurses and addressbarriers that affect workflow in health care setting. Critique of qualitative methodologyTo collect data related to risk perception of non-specific low back pain amongnurses, Abedini et al., (2014) used qualitative research approach by conducting semi-structure interview with nurses. Quantitative research methodology is consideredappropriate for research when the main aim is to study about behavior, experiences andattitudes of people in different context. This research approach helps in getting in-depthinformation about human behavior and finding the behavior of people in different context(Jirojwong, Johnson & Welch, 2014). As Abedini et al., (2014) also aimed to study aboutnurse’s perception related to LBP, the use of qualitative methodology is a good decision byresearcher. The inductive nature of inquiry facilitated collecting lived experience ofparticipants. The decision to not go for quantitative research methodology is also rightbecause quantification of nurse’s belief cannot give any new insight or useful data. Appropriateness of research designIn accordance with COREQ (Consolidated Criteria for Reporting QualitativeResearch) checklist, Abedini et al., (2014) specified the methodological orientation for the
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3EVIDENCE BASED NURSING RESEARCHstudy and also explained the reason for selecting those approaches. For instance, qualitativecontent analysis design was used for the research and the researcher justified the decisionby explanation on situations during which qualitative methods are adopted in research andis relevance with purpose of the research. The justification provided is correct becauseevidence has also showed that qualitative content analysis is mostly used in nursing scienceresearch (Polit & Beck, 2012). Qualitative content analysis is one of the methods to analyzeand interpret research data. The advantage of using this approach is that the objectivemeans of explaining any phenomenon helps in dividing the concepts to different categoriesor conceptual map (Elo et al., 2014). However, the validity of such research is determinedby the manner in which results were developed and analyzed. Effectiveness of recruitment strategyAs per COREQ checklist, the article by Abedini et al., (2014) has specified aboutrecruitment strategy, method of approaching participants and sample size too. For instance,purposive sampling technique was employed to recruit participants and their sample sizewas determined after confirming data saturation. Participants has face-to-face interviewwhich were recorded and transcribed. Hence, by the use of this strategy, about 30 nurseswere selected for the study. Purposive sampling strategy is a non-probability samplingtechnique and it is found useful when the aim is to collect data from target sample quickly.This kind of sample may not be representative of the whole population, however it is founduseful when population is very large (Etikan, Musa & Alkassim, 2016). Abedini et al.,(2014) wanted to get wide range of individual experience and perception, so they recruitedparticipants based on diverse criteria such age, gender, work experience, marital status,different degree of pain and positions. Use of such heterogeneous purposive sample is
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